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Example sentences for minutely

One species is minutely adapted to the hair follicle.
Close to the boundary minutely choreographed wanderings mark the onset of the instability.
If those objects had opposite trajectories they would slow the probes minutely.
Each primed body is minutely inspected and sanded using a combination of hand and power tools.
He renders minutely detailed landscapes of unexpected vistas that reconsider the interaction between the built and natural world.
Studied minutely as a source of moral insight, they're ridiculous.
What's important is their ability to minutely adjust wavelengths.
They're a puny country in lots of ways, and they've been read minutely from satellites.
The calculations they monitor are minutely detailed.
Major toy introductions are now minutely planned campaigns in which tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.
It is dangerous to look too minutely into such phenomena.
It was clear these operations of conquest and cleansing were minutely, and centrally, planned.
It is this time and distance which is minutely different from what they should be.
Lev comes from a country minutely described but never specified.
Elsewhere and at other times they may be studied more minutely, each for his own individual sake.
He went down on his knees, examining it minutely-even going so far as to smell it.
Every bit of economic data is therefore being minutely examined.
Her decisions as an appeals-court judge will be examined minutely in the coming weeks.
The words and actions of the main participants in each leadership contest are minutely chronicled.
Her decisions as an appeals-court judge will be minutely examined in the coming weeks.
She wrote about them constantly, minutely observing their quirky behaviour, but never for its sake alone.
His notes to his children are loving, stern, minutely involved.
He now is in charge of his company's entire electronic surveillance program, which monitors every employee's activities minutely.
Each seed is orbicular-reniform and minutely bumpy across the surface.
The entire plant is densely, but minutely hairy throughout, including the flowers.
Lower surfaces gray-green, minutely pitted, densely covered with minute hairs.
In general, the leaves are linear to oval with minutely toothed margins and blunt tips.
After dormancy, four to eight seeds per accession were minutely dehulled.
Each bristle is minutely barbed on the lower part and plumose on the upper part.
Ligules membranous, minutely shallow-toothed or fringed at the top.

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