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The strut is repeated endlessly, eight or ten times a minute during the busiest display period after dawn.
It is not even the minute, precise, loving observation of her aspects that gives him his pre-eminence.
As the water becomes slightly more squashed over a two-minute period, the pressure in the upper compartment skyrockets.
We were only in the game for 5 or 6 minutes tops.
In spare, luminous landscapes, the minute world reveals a special beauty to those still and attentive enough to behold it.
Even a six-minute snooze boosts memory.
He paused a minute, then went on.
The 30-minute support structure, in other words, is firmly in place.
Most trips have steep penalty charges for canceling at the last minute.
Cook and baste approximately 3 more minutes or to desired doneness.
Then one group took a 90-minute snooze.
Then I noticed a clicking sound, growing louder by the minute.
Wait a minute and I'll go look it over.
College officials had calculated that it costs $101.41 to operate the college for one minute in the current fiscal year.
Put up jars now to tuck into gift baskets, use as stocking stuffers, or have on hand for last minute presents this winter.
All of which is good news for skiers planning a last-minute trip to the slopes.
In the upper house, four senators switched their votes at the last minute.
Every minute there are explosions, every minute there are martyrs.
Most of the time, last-minute travel isn't worth the money or the stress.
Either way, the user gets an answer in half a minute or so.
Other companies try to entice travelers with everything from early-bird discounts to last-minute bargains.
Kids and adults can help break the record by doing one minute of jumping jacks.
Within a minute of this shot, the storm unleashed its fury on the beach.
Microwave on low power for two minutes, rotate the plate, and continue microwaving for another minute or two.
Start off two times a week with two sets of four three-minute sprints.
It also doesn't require expensive equipment that can cool chambers at a third of a degree a minute.
We aren't there to fill in for last-minute enrollments, or for a full-time instructor who suddenly gets sick.
If you reach a stumbling block, try using the one-minute struggle.
The performances are timed in lock-step fashion-not one minute is wasted or ignored.
There was about less than a minute that he was in there by himself.
Plus there's the ability of health officials to track the disease minute-to-minute.
Perhaps they too preserve some cells or other minute details that have been ignored.
In a minute, the dog has become a dark speck on the ice behind us.
Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine tangled web-work from the eaves.
Add seasonings and wine, cook one minute, then add cream and yolks of eggs slightly beaten.
After the first minute, turn occasionally until well cooked on both sides.
Drain, plunge in a kettle of boiling water, and boil one minute.
Between the cells are also the minute bile capillaries.
After the sixth month the air-sacs begin to make their appearance on the infundibula in the form of minute pouches.
It is important to realize how broad and general his ideas and his art were, how completely he avoided the special and the minute.
These contractions occur regularly and at the rate of about seventy per minute.
They are present as minute cavities at birth, but their main development takes place after puberty.
People sometimes find themselves in a position to book a last-minute vacation.
If you have flexible travel plans, you can book a cruise at the last minute.
Looking for a cruise at the last minute has its advantages and disadvantages.
Many travelers have spent this year planning last-minute escapes, knowing how easy it was to nab a decent hotel rate.
Traffic and overall congestion is getting worse by the minute.
There's still time to get those last-minute holiday gifts for techies.
Airlines look at two main types of consumers: early purchasers and last-minute purchasers.
Follow us to receive updates, tips, and information about last-minute tickets.
He held them there for more than a minute without speaking.
The nurse asked if the contractions were five minutes apart and lasted more than a minute.
At the eight-minute mark in the video above, the scene shifts to a statue of a golden hand crushing a jet.
He held the note for more than a minute, and then finished with two short blasts.
After a minute, add garlic and cook until lightly browned.
In the pop-culture business, the minute you decide to stop changing, you're already out of date.
If anyone is in need of some good last-minute wedding vows, you are welcome to borrow ours.
Half an hour later, they were sent to sleep and half of them were briefly woken up with blue light every minute.
They also shrank various circuit components to the minute size of the natural bumps and grooves of human skin.
At about a minute in, keep your eyes on the third power line pole down the road.
They pull up at the last minute, spread their tail feathers and produce a loud chirpy song.
The scientists who continue to work in the field claim that their experiments show minute, unexplained outputs of energy.
The atmosphere was extremely charged and fast-paced, changing minute by minute.
She had been deep in her coma one minute, and the next she was dead.
Or the need to define one's core in five-minute sound bites.
It was almost midnight, and he was half a minute away from being half a century old.
And the minute we're through, she rips it all off and jumps in some mud.
She's instantly likable, talking a mile a minute with an enthusiasm that's sometimes dizzying.
There was no point buying insurance from a bank that went out of business the minute the insurance became valuable.
Writers get one minute to pitch their book ideas to an all-star panel of publishing experts.
The flat fee model allows you to have a much lower effective per minute rate since the fixed costs are automatically covered.
It can also go from detecting one gas to another within half a minute.
He was one of the first to use the technology to uncover minute structural aberrations in the brains of schizophrenics.
Typical generators work best at high revolutions per minute, requiring noisy gears to step up the speed.
The process works at a microscopic scale, so each device would process only minute amounts of water.
Everything holds together until the first minute graphitization.
But wait a minute, the traffic control system that safely guided you to the stadium is a software system.
Solar power currently contributes a minute amount of grid power.
He wanted a record of his actions not only day by day but almost minute by minute.
He could stand the cold for only a minute but when he stepped away from the water he seemed at last to be himself.
Before you reach the last few weeks of pregnancy, you should take care of a few last minute to-dos.

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