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They should list both positive and negative impacts and write a plus or minus sign next to each one.
On the minus side, the extra fuel sometimes exploded on impact, turning the car into a fireball.
On the minus side is every other single thing about this show.
Here's our simplified version, broiled and minus the squash.
Minus a few hot summer inversions, our air is clean.
Net national savings is total savings, both private and public, minus depreciation.
Theories abound for why students are graduating college minus some critical skills.
But as you might guess, the actual economic impact of snow storms is a lot more complicated than a minus sign.
Not a good night for the center as he is now minus-eight on the season.
If he cannot complete the agreement the payments are refunded, minus a service charge.
The standard measure is gross value-added-the output of an industry minus the costs of production.
One guide might be the net present value of future tax payments, minus the net costs of public services disbursed there.
The price of a new battery pack minus the sale price for the old.
The principal minus was that his plane carried only enough fuel for nine hours and forty minutes of flight.
Think of a ray as a flat shark, minus the sharp teeth.
His home was a museum, minus the good lighting and fancy displays.
In theory, it should give pilots the data they need to route themselves-minus the huge safety cushions.
Globular proteins left over from cheese making, minus the fats and sugars.
They determined total food grown and imported, minus what was exported, thrown away or used for livestock.
If it is a mathematical number please explain minus infinity.
Neutrons are about the size of a proton minus an electron and some energy.
The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.
Wonderful, inexplicable and may be the only true magic minus trick and stage hands.
There are no interest payments, and if you don't make all the payments you get your money back, minus a cancellation fee.
There the same things that have been pushed for decades plus or minus a few details.

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