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Example sentences for minuet

We're quite interested in that minuet of decision-making that happens between predators and prey.
His way with the flighty, delicate final minuet variation is especially beguiling.
And what romanticism did was to set the pentameter minuet aside and try to recover the older, more basic ballad rhythm.
In a guest post today, she explores the minuet in all its complexity.
When the system is working as it's supposed to, all this action is as precisely choreographed as a minuet.
So the minuet was choreographed, and any illumination ruled out, before the hearings began.
The artist would sound an imaginary fanfare before putting on his shirt, mimic a minuet before pulling on a sweater.
The unrepeatable has turned into a minuet, dancing bears revolving in the limelight to the rustle of millions of dollars.
In a little minuet of overlaps, the left lapel of his waistcoat overlaps the lapel of his suit coat.
Continue the cycle until one minuet expires or told to stop.

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