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We would no longer tolerate a situation in which the minority had leisure because the majority had labor.
If you think eating insects is gross, you may be in the cultural minority.
If your last cellphone purchase wasn't a smartphone and you're living stateside, consider yourself in the minority.
Intermarriage is also eating away at the minority share of the population.
It has certainly been a landmark year for the national recognition of minority and indigenous communities across the globe.
Those in between are in the minority of those in between.
Today a vocal minority is complicating the picture by suggesting that the die-off could have been more gradual.
And while scientists from minority groups may be rare, they do exist.
These individuals, however, seem to largely be in the minority.
The key is to identify this minority and empower them.
Most try to explain it theoretically, but a small minority claim to find problems.
They're in a minority and they're suffering for their beliefs.
Minority households also became more likely to have education debt.
At this time, the problem is only affecting a small minority of users.
We've often heard from the party faithful that they'd rather be a pure minority than a debased majority.
The thought of losing a job to a minority probably wouldn't cross the minds of those who have a job.
So it's basically saying that this author is regarded as a minority in the field which results failed to replicate.
But the government wants to restrict financial investors in such clinics to minority stakes.
Absolute power is no longer in the hands of the light-skinned elite minority.
Much of the population is exposed to these carcinogens, yet only a tiny minority suffers dangerous tumors as a consequence.
Investors cheered an important victory in a long campaign to improve the rights of minority shareholders.
There is not even a substantial minority of specialist who say that sea rise is over stated.
Discrimination plays little part in limiting the number of minority professors.
The biggest challenge, she says, is getting more units from minority groups.
Most users do not become addicted, while a minority do become addicted.
People will always complain, but they are a vocal minority.
Most of the newly announced grants were awarded to poor, minority communities with high unemployment rates.
When voters were offered a simple yes-or-no, dry-or-wet choice on a ballot measure, a minority was only a minority.
Only a minority of a minority will have any residual effects.
For a significant minority, it would simply have been the life they knew.
There is still too large an impoverished minority population.
Some evidence suggests that those who are ignorant or naïve are subject to manipulation by a loud, opinionated minority.
As a result, the minority party is now able to dictate policy and prevent all legislation from happening.
Running a minority-owned agency brings extra challenges.
The minority takes another step in blocking majority rule.
Stops of minority drivers in each community were compared with the total estimated minority driving population for that community.
Such confrontations always have the potential to turn nasty: they often involve a minority that wants them to turn nasty.
But its not in the nature of politics to be perfect, especially with regard to minority rights.
Interestingly, though lonely people don't tend to conform, they also don't want to advertise their minority status.
Companies eager to reduce their cost of capital are catering more to minority shareholders.
Ironically, however, there is one minority which almost always gets its own way on every matter it cares to concern itself with.
Now a minority is ready to commit the equivalent of many months' salary to personal transport.
It would likely accelerate the pro-equality shift in public opinion, including in minority communities.
Yet, recently, small groups who reflect extreme minority opinions across the political spectrum have turned to burning books.
Pacifists are dismissed as an irrational and small minority.
People who can be whoever they want, wherever they want, are a privileged minority.
Even more strikingly, life seems worse for a significant minority of citizens in the rich world.
The rest of all people, a minority of one-third, are more resilient to stress than the other two-thirds are.
U235 reactors will also be a minority of the world's power.
But the smallest minority of all smiled grimly and rubbed more petroleum jelly on the blast-door gaskets.
Another direct way is for governments to forbid and punish use of minority languages.
If you're a minority and want to get educated and get a job, you have to push for it.
The four scientists profiled here represent idiosyncratic, minority views.
There could be prolonged chaos, instability, and the targeting of minority groups.
The deaf would then have to be viewed not as sharing a common pathology, but as a linguistic and cultural minority.
Even more atypical is the small minority of people who do away with themselves.
The majority responds to the minority with open contempt.
Unfortunately, rent control is a disaster for all but the privileged minority who are protected by it.
More scholarships were awarded, and the first minority students were admitted.
Pit members of the same minority against each other for the benefit of privileged white bystanders hoarding their poker chips.
It has also proved that in a democracy, a minority can rule quite effectively, thank you.

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