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Eggs caught in the receding waters of the tide are snatched up by crabs, eels and minnows.
In the wild, fathead minnows establish nests, which males defend from rivals.
When one is hungry, chances of eating are better looking for minnows that gunning for the big whale.
The swirling pattern made by the crowd on the beach has the organic coherence of a shoal of minnows or a flock of gulls.
Guppies and minnows are good fish to have for mosquito control.
Both flathead minnows and southern leopard frogs hatch more quickly when threatened by certain crayfish.
These waders feed on minnows in shallow water by using their bills to perform a rare and effective fishing technique.
The lake trout's flesh is pink or white depending upon his chosen diet-shellfish or minnows.
Blind minnows, to his surprise, still reliably darkened in response to light.
Phil cast bread upon the waters and the minnows jump.
Lures designed to mimic shad and minnows prove effective.
Also try using a slip-bobber and suspending minnows to entice walleye.
Live bait, including night crawlers and minnows, are the best for fishing at this lake.
Gas and minnows for fishing bait are also available for purchase.
Bucktail spinners, spinner baits and jigged minnows all have successful track records with early season muskies.
Conversely, the minnows often move in late to pick over remnants left by bigger fish.
The minnows are also making some quite big discoveries.
Even these, however, are minnows compared with what is being planned.
Then there are distressed technology minnows, selling patents in the recession to raise the cash to survive.
In other ways, too, the gulf between the region's minnows and its two big fish seems to be narrowing.
Nor have corporate minnows been able to count on much help from taxpayers.
The oil industry's minnows led this scramble, but now the big firms are arriving too.
Outside the family's one-story brick house, thousands of dried minnows thatched the cracked mud in the gutters.
The preferred bait has been lake shiners, but fathead minnows are also taking fish.
Perch are bigger and more abundant this week, biting on softshell crabs and minnows.
Perch still active north and south, taking maggots, minnows.
Sauger are doing well, with fish being caught off the bars in the main lake on jigs tipped with medium minnows.
The minnows are fine in early spring, before the crayfish emerge.
Bluegills and crappies fair to good on night crawlers, minnows and rubber spiders, especially in creeks and ditches.
You'll catch fewer fish with minnows, but they'll be bigger than the fish you'll catch with smaller baits.
Minnows set from a few inches off the bottom to a few feet below the surface are working.
He gently dipped the minnows into a net enclosure, where they spent a day acclimating to the river before their final release.
In general, the permit limits required that there be no adverse affect on minnows or water fleas in full-strength effluent.

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