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The area's populations of bobcats, bear, mink and river otter have likely declined.
Unlike the nine pudgy muskrats taken that day, the feel of a mink's body in the hand is that of a carnivore, sleek and bony.
Mink, weasel and birds of prey can be more damaging to poultry flocks left outdoors as well.
Mink-collared grandmothers are settled in firmly, ready to enjoy the pageant.
Take back your mink, your diamonds, and your pearls.
We chose one that's usually used to repair small holes in mink coats.
She wore a sheared mink coat and spoke softly, still in a state of shock.
It is a luxury that, along with our electric drink stirrers and mink hangers, has gone quickly out of style.
The mink is one of few mammals in which males are larger than females.
Mink and otters look similar except mink are smaller in size and have a hairy, bushy tail.

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