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He studied a long time to prepare himself for the functions of the holy ministry.
The ministry has often been criticized for dragging its feet on reforms.
The ministry is taking part in the two-month effort.
Hart says the ministry is being pedantic in its pursuit of his website.
They must commit to raising standards, and their subsequent performance is monitored by the ministry.
Later he ran the posts and telecommunications ministry, a forerunner of today's information-industry ministry.
These days many students come here to prepare for careers other than ministry.
Foreign affairs used to be the business of the pro-detente foreign ministry.
Last summer the ministry floated the idea that the project should be scrapped.
He had finished a stint as a top policeman, and was starting a new security job at the defence ministry.
The ministry of internal affairs is conducting an embezzlement investigation.
Rogue agents in the intelligence ministry are said to have confessed to those murders.
The author speaks of himself as one taken up in the apostolic labours of the ministry.
The next day, former police officers who have been trying to get their jobs back set fire to the interior ministry.
But among those who deserve honour is also a humble bureaucrat at the trade ministry.
The health ministry, for example, is likely to take over the food and drug agency.
Some of the subsidies were delivered through the construction ministry, but the farm ministry also played a big role.
At the same time, plans were afoot to create a new ministry to address the unique needs of older members of our congregation.
He had little preaching experience, although he'd managed the television ministry for years.
But the project of an integrated high-speed rail network will continue apace, according to the railway ministry officials.
His ministry is firmly committed to making its followers richer, but they have to return the favor.
They interrogated me in an office of the foreign ministry used for dealing with reporters.

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