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Educators are mining student data to help forecast and improve their success.
But to get off the highway and into historic mining towns.
Data mining may prove a useful device in our longstanding effort to understand our cultural inheritance.
The point of mining the email messages is to find words within them for targeting particular ads to particular individuals.
The economy's strength has largely been due to mining-company exports, such as iron.
Especially if your diss is on a fairly obscure topic, people may simply be mining it for the bibliography.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Mining destroys existing working landscape and replaces it with a desolate moonscape.
Phosphorus mining has a beneficial side and a disturbing side.
Mining companies use microbes to recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Every mining-camp, every successful volunteer regiment, proves it.
Generally, mining companies preferred to seal off spent mines for public safety.
One would think that open-pit coal mining would destroy fossils.
Mining exposed the sulfides and eventually made the tailings as acidic as battery acid and full of heavy metals such as arsenic.
The simplicity reminds me of how little coal mining has progressed.
The town, in an economic downturn at the time after losing its mining industry, was posed for something new.
The museum's grounds contain mining exhibits and equipment used by the miners in their quest for gold.
It is also a symbol of the town's history as a railroad town and mining center.
Coal mining isn't the only human activity that can trigger earthquakes.
At the other end of the spectrum are vast, open-pit mines run by the world's largest mining companies.
The new study suggests the reverse: that both mining and metallurgy might spur the rise of complex society.
Mining operations clear forest to build roads and dig mines.
They might suggest logging or poaching, and perhaps agriculture or mining.
He has recommended to the mining company that the caves should be preserved.
Intended mainly to prevent oil drilling and mining on the reef, the park remains open to many other uses.
The route connected the state's coastal towns to its interior mining camps.
Everything in a mining town depended on the local mine.
The tunnels leading to the mining area bulge and swell and are prone to sudden rock-bursts.
The next giant leap: ice mining, helium farming, and a launchpad to the solar system.
But its insanely fast and powerful work is modestly described as data-mining, not thinking.
The four-mile area offers one of the largest public mining spots in the state.
Costumed prospectors teach visitors the history of gold mining at the camp.
After all, monitoring searches and responsibly mining search logs can further the common good.
Date-mining software needs lots of tuning to create good matches, so the services track everything would-be lovebirds do.
Ministers openly take positions in diamond-mining joint ventures.
Criminal gangs that have sprung from the remnants of right-wing paramilitary groups have also gone into mining.
So are the balance-sheets of its private mining companies.
Mining output and prices reached an all-time high last year, as did local sales of bar drinks and luxury cars.
They have no rival in the depth and breadth of their data mining.
He has used his own family many times in his artwork, mining through the rubble of their lives for something new to say.
The economic collapse threatens the long-held dream of underwater mining.
Metal toxins commonly found at mining sites could be treated with the stinky remains of human wastewater.
By mining the vacuum's riches, a true theory of everything may yet emerge.
No sense confronting the locals over a little ice mining.
It would also pave the way for commercial trips to asteroids and potentially asteroid mining.
That's an interesting distinction, and reality mining can make it automatic.
Jobs are created from mining it and more jobs will be had as the cost of the energy to produce products decreases.
Large coal mining accidents, killing tens or even hundreds of people happen almost every month.
Messy data of this kind, long relegated to data warehouses, is now the target of data mining.
Payloads are expected to include large drilling and mining equipment, as well as supplies for remote communities.
Activities on a mining claim are limited to prospecting, mining, or processing operations and uses reasonably incident thereto.
Every mining company should initiate a program to educate drivers in the performance of preoperational equipment checks.
The location of a mining claim involves a series of steps.
The story was a little different at newer developments that employed a process called in situ mining.

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