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Power tools and machines should be designed to minimize vibrations.
Stuff will happen, inevitably, but you may be able to minimize the financial pain.
The above will minimize the cost of the prison system.
The question now, scientists say, is whether humanity can learn to minimize the harmful impacts.
Fourth, you need to insulate the tank to minimize heat loss.
Synchronized hatching may minimize the nest's exposure to predators.
Install a drip irrigation system or use soaker hoses to minimize the splashing water that can spread waterborne diseases.
We can minimize our uncertainty and maximize our control.
They also help minimize some of the inevitable stress that accompanies the evaluation process.
The first, disaster mitigation, is the taking of measures to identify disaster hazards and minimize their effects.
The regulators' job is to minimize systemic risk so that the possibility of total collapse is reduced as far as possible.
Switch to alternative energy uses to minimize human-made global warming.
Yes, water is wasted in the average home by design, but designing a home to minimize water usage will not be easy.
The drug companies are working to minimize these harmful side effects.
Minimize your risk of having a bad outcome with your do-it-yourself procedure.
Managing your money well and then stretching too far to minimize taxes is a case in.
Private funds seek not to maximize spillovers and generalize network effects, but to minimize them.
It does not mean it shouldn't be tried, but prudence is crucial to minimize losses.
They urged immediate reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions to try to minimize the potential catastrophe.
City leaders should share best practices to maximize progress and minimize costs.
He spaced plants close together to minimize weeds and planted vegetables and flowers together to keep pollinators circulating.
But their increased use may be spurring pirates to think about ways to minimize their effectiveness.
Reframe the question or minimize a negative comment or situation.
There are things you can do traffic wise to minimize the risks of distracted driving.
So his goal is to minimize what he lays out in his token of appreciation.
Blank travels at dusk to minimize sun damage and seeks shelter at the first hint of rain.
To minimize shock when planting, cut off container bottom and set both plant and container in planting hole.
Balanced meals, veggies and protein and carbs, minimize the alcohol and sugar and artificial additives.
Do whatever you can to minimize exhaustion and under-nourishment.
We need a single payer for all medical care, to minimize administrative costs.
To minimize the emissions from and energy needed to produce your food, buy local, seasonal foods whenever possible.
The second problem is that the article seems to minimize the social consequences of lying.
Modern productivity software is made to minimize mental drift.
They minimize the squandering of resources now so those resources will be available for future generations.
It might wish to minimize non-citizen casualties for humanitarian purposes, but it has no obligation to do so.
Make every effort to minimize the direct contact you have with your boss.
Delta, as always, leads the pack in ways to minimize the benefits for its travellers.
Modern landfills are federally regulated and engineered to minimize their environmental impact.
Governments should guarantee deposits as far as practical and manage the failure to minimize the damage.
Minimize printing as much as possible, but when necessary, print double sided to conserve paper.
As much as possible, physical and virtual spaces have been developed to minimize the need to answer simple directional questions.
It is in our nature to minimize the pain of thought.
The process was choreographed the day before, to minimize the chances for major harm to the body.
Minimize opening and closing the oven door during baking to avoid lowering the temperature.
But because costs in higher education are capped only by total revenues, there is no incentive to minimize costs.
We must move to a single payer to minimize administrative cost.
Learn how to minimize topsoil loss and optimize water retention.
Nevertheless, it will reduce and minimize the effect of cheating.
Grazing animals are known to orient themselves to minimize heat loss by wind or maximize their exposure to sunlight.
Investors want to minimize risks while maximizing return on investment.
Reflective window films have been installed on some buildings to minimize energy use.
The scientists purposely minimize their contact with the cubs-they never play or talk with them.
If the sky is harsh or uninteresting, put the horizon high to minimize it.
Minimize fertilizer and pesticide use on your lawn and garden or switch to organic, nontoxic alternatives.
Corporations that design facilities to minimize their environmental impact may earn a financial return, too.
There are effective treatments that enable people with vision loss to minimize the risk of falls.
Learn what steps you can take to minimize the chances you'll get sick.
First, promptly inform him of your plans, to minimize his inconvenience.
Presumably to minimize the risk of revealing his location through contact with the outside world.
Steps would be taken to minimize risk to the officers riding alone.
Legalization is the obvious step to minimize the violence.
Eliminating removable memory cards and compartments would help minimize risks from physical break-ins.
Do whatever you can to minimize contact with crazy people.
The straps have been carefully positioned-and cushioned-to minimize rubbing, while medial posting combats pronation.
Minimize details as much as you can while still getting the point across.
Critics minimize these examples because not one of the nations involved is a military power.
The conversion process can be tweaked to minimize tailpipe pollution.
It's good that you are thinking ahead in order to, as you say, minimize the fallout.
It shows that nuclear power can be used for the conversion process to minimize any emission concerns.
Small components and a composite body minimize weight down to maximize efficiency.
They are also used as way to minimize the expenses involved in interviewing out-of-town candidates.
Plans should be made now to figure these problems out and research should continue on how to minimize the global climate effects.
Non-essential personnel have left to minimize danger to them.
In theory, fine art could be used to minimize volatility in an investor's portfolio.
Minimize distractions if you're at home--put the dogs outside, etc etc.
They do help because they teach you tricks to speed up your response time and minimize the chance of errors.
The best way to minimize compression is to be as unsticky as possible.
Bake these thick cookies for a shorter time at a high temperature to firm them quickly and minimize spreading.
Hopefully this will minimize deaths, recovery time, and confusion.
Hopefully this too will minimize the price of the procedure for the many patients.
However, it should minimize its participation in the actual innovation, not unless an agency under which is concern.
They minimize how much they drink and overstate how much they exercise.
To minimize late arrivals, airlines have long padded their schedules, counting flight times as longer than necessary.
By focusing on what other members post in their written profiles, they minimize the immediate power of physical attraction.
Minimize use of your clothes dryer by using a clothes line.
Police and state militia units were ordered into the cities to maintain order and minimize looting.
Engineers appear to be taking precautions to minimize any further risks to the miners.
The trips are brief-roughly two to three hours-to minimize radiation exposure.
Yes, private tragedies-one should not minimize them.
But equipment modifications and new technology will be needed to minimize the risk of such deepwater oil leaks.
Inside, the powders for the cathodes and anodes are processed in large containers designed to minimize contamination.
It would be great to have no global warming and to minimize human contribution to global warming.
Astronauts and crews are carefully selected, trained, and monitored to minimize risks and to promote health and safety.
People don't drink during sleep, so the body has to minimize water loss to remain sufficiently hydrated.
From the pirates themselves, who helped to perpetrate the myth to minimize losses and maximize profits.
Other strategies, she says, would have to be developed to minimize the risk to astronauts.
The industry has evolved equipment and procedures to minimize the hazards, but there will always be some risk.
The only way to minimize the number of humans suffering in the future is to reduce the number of humans.
Low-cost shielding to minimize radiation errors of temperature sensors in the field.
Also, minimize glare on your screen by covering windows and reducing the amount of fluorescent light in your work place.
Readers trust us to tell the truth of situations and to minimize political spin.
So in the process falls on the notebook computer to minimize the shock is extremely important.
Minimize your consumption of processed and fast food.
He says a relaxed way of playing can minimize the physical demands placed on muscles.
That's hardly to minimize the role of the mediator, of course.
The more scientists learn about how it played out in disasters of the past, the more they can help us minimize loss in the future.
We try to minimize it, but it's a normal part of slaughtering animals.

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