minimalism in a sentence

Example sentences for minimalism

We took the single serving bowl to the table, two forks, in the interest of minimalism.
But the chances are that the downturn will cause the pendulum to swing back towards minimalism.
Warming to their theme, they claim that minimalism is right for a world of dwindling resources.
The collection includes various media and diverse styles from folk art to minimalism.
Such a film's minimalism, its humility before its subject, is in the end what makes it such a magnificent work.
The true revolution of the postwar era arrived with minimalism, which triumphantly reaffirmed the old, wicked chords.
Fusing minimalism with romanticism, she creates modern settings by using vintage pieces.
The homespun setting is a long way from the spotlit, beech-wood minimalism of chic contemporary dining.
But minimalism has proved too simple-minded to satisfy serious listeners hungry for accessible yet challenging new scores.
Simplicity, for example, is intuitively attractive--Southwest's goal of being the low-fare airline is elegant in its minimalism.
As minimalism surrenders its hold on fashion, accessories are fast gaining supremacy.
Following the minimalism of form and structure, the different materials and colors have also been reduced to a minimum.
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