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Mineral riches provide governments with cash but do not create many jobs.
The mineral could provide a crucial oxygen source for future manned lunar missions.
Mantle tissue that is located under and in contact with the shell secretes proteins and mineral extracellularly to form the shell.
See a simulated underground mining tunnel, rock and mineral displays.
Balanced and lively, with earthy mineral and floral aromas and flavors.
The early environmental movement worried that the mineral resources on which modern industry depends would run out.
Rubies, valued as precious gems, are the mineral corundum in its red form.
It is the ongoing act of describing that differentiates our organic nature from that of the simply mineral.
Mineral pools on the lake are purported to have healing properties because of their high sulphur content.
The body makes it by growing tiny mineral crystals in a highly regular crystal lattice.
Mineral oil is a liquid oil produced from petroleum.
The overall impression is one of geological majesty and extraordinary mineral wealth.
Mineral deposits in caves can create amazing shapes, such as these chocolaty-looking cave pearls.
Earthy aromas followed by delicate strawberry and mineral flavors.
If scientists can spot the transition from one mineral to another, they can roughly infer temperature at that depth.
Mineral spirits will dissolve only paint that is still fresh.
And it is expecting a giddy few decades of spectacular growth fuelled by the exploitation of its mineral riches.
Turquoise is a mineral created in a natural process that is still not completely understood.
Switch from mineral salt to sea salt and sprinkle some garlic powder over your steak the next time.
Opportunity's instrument also detected jarosite, an iron sulfate mineral.
The sandcastle worm, as the beast is known, lives in a mineral shell.
The dialogue ignores the reality of mineral resource development.
Iodine, a mineral essential for proper thyroid functioning and mental development, may be added too.
The country is enjoying strong economic growth because of its large oil, gas, and mineral reserves.
Mining phosphorus for fertilizer is consuming the mineral faster than geologic cycles can replenish it.
They provide valuable mineral deposits, fertile soils, and geothermal energy.
If that were true then the mineral composition would also have the same isotope distribution.
All this shows that mineral resources need not always be a curse.
They break down rock, construct mineral deposits and create by-products ranging from electrical currents to methane gas.
Mineral sands, such as zircon, sit under a tarpaulin.
Yet the dream of mining the mineral wealth of the deep has never gone away.
Until recently, a litre of petrol cost less than a bottle of mineral water.
Overseas capital and expertise, it contends, provide critical help in harvesting its mineral wealth.
Its mineral crystal is recessed to dodge blows, and the screw-down crown is offset to four o'clock so it won't dent your wrist.
Their hues vary as the mineral content of the water changes.
Mineral spirits will only dissolve paint that is still fresh.
Beneath the surface they found small particles of aragonite, a calcium carbonate mineral.
The moon has mineral resources and microgravity fabrication potential.
Zeolite is a natural mineral that attracts, or absorbs, water vapor.
Beals ordered mineral water and a vegetarian burrito.
The sandcastle worm, as the creature is known, lives in a mineral shell.
Oh, and a handful of mineral lakes left over from the last ice age.
Their flavor flirts at the edges of animal, vegetable and mineral without making a firm commitment to any of them.
Volcanoes provide valuable mineral deposits, fertile soils, and geothermal energy.
Lighter materials, such as the mineral silica, rose to the surface.
But the technique reveals only mineral abundance-identifying the exact types of rocks present will require further research.
Iron is a mineral found in many over-the-counter supplements.
They were drawn by word of mouth about the mineral riches and the ease of doing business here.
The particular mineral mix endows the stone with its particular color.
Then open up as much as land as possible for energy and mineral extraction.
It is likely that the moon would yield extensive mineral deposits.
He cultivates dope in mineral-water solutions-he's a hydroponic felon-and his weed packs a wallop.
Appreciating the uniqueness of each mineral, gem, ore is adding to the feel of truly being a part of this world.
Even stranger were the huge, muddy heaps of a crumbly white mineral rarely found in caves.
The country has no known mineral resources and few exports.
The divining-rod was employed to discover water or mineral treasure.
Several interesting hydrocarbon and mineral exploration activities are ongoing.
It is known by the name of the enamel droplet, and resembles keratin in its resistance to the action of mineral acids.
The same thing is true of phosphates and other mineral resources.
But this is best seen in quicksilver, which is not inaptly called mineral water.
We take the side of things and try and evoke their nocturnal, mineral quality.
For instance, capsules in the plating of ball bearings could be filled with mineral oils to make the bearings self-lubricating.
The mud is made from a variety of materials such as the clay mineral bentonite.
In the mineral vernacular they would be regarded as sort of high-grade gold mines.
Organic collagen and calcium-rich mineral deposits are interwoven to form strong yet flexible skeletons.
Mineral nutrient imbalances can also cause resistance to treatment.
Researchers have found a bright vein of gypsum, a mineral that could only have been deposited by water.
Magnesium is an essential mineral for human nutrition.
For countries that do not sit on oil or mineral deposits, higher commodity prices make life harder.
With such mineral riches, any idiot leader can raise the per capita income of a country.
But unlike many other mineral-rich countries, it has invested wisely.
Root development is greatly enhanced by the presence of mineral complexes, ensuring further drought tolerance.
At the same time governments, which typically control mineral rights, are driving ever-harder bargains.
There was also a sandlike mineral and a substance that resembled small clay pellets.
Your home state may have an official rock, mineral, or gemstone.
Grazing animals don't get enough of the mineral in their vegetarian diets.
Desert varnishes, mineral-rich dust transformed by microbes and moisture, soon streaked the canyon walls.
Moons colliding might leave discernible layers of mineral evidence.
But the subjects were no stronger and showed no improvement in mobility, cognition or bone mineral density.
The town is internationally known for its large mineral hot spring that attracts visitors throughout the year.
There's a new rock star in cosmetics: mineral-based makeup.
In these mineral guises, uranium is much more stable, and is effectively locked away for the foreseeable future.
In both cases, the researchers carved out a hiding place in a crystal of the mineral calcite.
Mineral crystals can form spontaneously and can be catalytic.
The inner layer is composed of aragonite, a calcium mineral found in mollusk shells and corals.
Crude oil remains the major income producer, but the petrochemical sector is growing quickly, as is mineral extraction.
All the usual mantle mineral are there, except diamonds.
And all patients must be careful to make up for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
But because the program is food-based, it does not include vitamin and mineral supplements.
Mineral oil mist is a colorless, oily liquid mist generated as a result of the use of various mineral oils.

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