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Except for the explosives, the only energy deployed was the miner's own.
He built a play corral of mud and broken miner's candle stems, and placed inside the rocks that were his horses.
We're talking on-moon processing sites that either have to be mobile or have fleets of miner vehicles.
The best way to settle the question is simply to gather more evidence, and the miner's site may hold some clues.
Slightly more problematic for the backyard miner is that the metals in dirt often exist in the form of oxides.
After accidentally discovering an alien artifact, the space miner finds himself stranded on an asteroid, his co-workers missing.
Across the street, at the edge of the town park, a bronze statue of a coal miner stands with pick in hand.
His miner's helmet and headlamp are tilted back at a jaunty angle, revealing longish hair that is surely blond in real life.
Clearly, not all parts of the state are as effective as its miner-rescue team.
Accounting irregularities, however modest, are often the miner's canary.
There are some other miner differences, nevertheless comparison is quite appropriate one.
Cables worn by the miner are exempt from these requirements.

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