minefield in a sentence

Example sentences for minefield

Repurposing a useful gift is really a manners minefield.
And somehow or other, the school's lawn has been turned into a minefield.
It's a minefield, and there are many ways the unwary can go astray.
Practicing good medicine necessitates navigating a minefield of competing interests.
The state is an absolute minefield to work in regarding higher ed.
The political minefield alone is enough to deplete your emotional reservoir.
For some of us, though, it really is a potential minefield.
If shopping was an emotional minefield, then strategic marketing could be a gold mine for companies.
So chasing fugitives across state lines can turn into a legal minefield.
But benchmarking employees, and then paying them different rates, can turn out to be a minefield if handled badly.
They suffered heavy losses, both from a minefield and from artillery bombardment.
Sadly, the official guide to cultural events is a minefield of inaccuracies.
Government officials are nervously stepping around the political minefield.
They were backed up by what purported to be a minefield.
Yet the comforts of urban domesticity-the simple pleasures and small compromises-can be a minefield of its own.
Interacting with parents can be a minefield for a teacher.
She can read people's minds, making daily life a minefield of too much information.
For many, a holiday gathering usually includes a walk through an emotional minefield with people who push your hot buttons.
Finding their way through this potential minefield is complicated and challenging for middle school students.
Follow clearly identified roads and trails when traveling in minefield areas.
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