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It is all about opening up, after all, and allowing a different mindset to reign.
As games and the gaming mindset take over our lives, they've also gone professional.
It's a mindset for both creative types and wealthy spark plugs seeking intellectual stimulation, visual pleasure and fellowship.
Before discussing these resources in more detail, let's make sure that you begin the negotiating process with the right mindset.
That's exactly the wrong kind of mindset that far too many people have.
Below is an example of the mindset of researchers in the field of global warming and water deficits.
Perhaps more importantly, it also helps foster an ecologically focused, cradle-to-grave mindset.
Hopefully this will change along with other aspects of a cultural mindset.
Head-on fights are counterproductive with fearful dogs because conflict reinforces the fearful mindset.
Unfortunately with scientific expeditions, the mindset of the actual explorer is hardly relevant.
But fado is also, more flexibly, a musical style and a mindset.
Learning how to program requires patience and a different mindset.
Any other behaviour is a sign that they are still imprisoned by their imperial mindset.
If others were viewed as human, what loving and inclusive mindset could cause such inhumanity to its own kind.
What a security engineer brings to the problem is a particular mindset.
Hanging the diplomas was part of the first step in moving past that mindset.
If so, the net delivers this shallow, scattered mindset with a vengeance.
Laws and resolutions and political blathering mean nothing to people in the survival mindset.
When that mindset changes, graduation rates at the college level will improve.
It comes from a geek mindset and approaches it that way.
The single-minded, uniformed secular mindset is equally as ignorant and unrealistic.
So my main suggestion is to shop around until you find a group that fits your mindset and lifestyle.
After a lifetime under socialism, many lack the mindset to adopt western working practices.
Can't handle anyone not of the same mindless mindset as you.
But apparently small concessions to work-life balance can require a big change in the local corporate mindset.
It's about mindset of looking at the world in a playful and curious and creative way.
That's a good point because the mindset of certain industrialized agriculture is, well let me step back a second.
Even deeper than the graft itself is the mindset which will take a generation or more to get rid of the habits.
But the mindset in this country is that nothing is too good for the poor.
Scratchboard requires a whole different mindset to do than drawing.
They have a different mindset than my generation did.
Merely existing in the same space with it while having your own opinion is insufficient for the collectivist mindset.
But that type of approach, in order to be effective, would need to paired with a mindset no longer driven by gadget lust.
Our civilian population needs to change its mindset regarding jobs, mobility, and leaving people behind.
It can't have had a particular reason for hiring you because it can't have a particular mindset.
The idea that they can be charged almost instantly fits right in with the driver mindset of needing to periodically refill anyway.
Our political system is used to dispensing money for roads, so it will take some changes in mindset.
His mindset had less to do with hatred than with a mixture of anxiety and frustration.
But that mindset questions the pursuit of science in general, not how one can pursue a hypothesis ethically.
Might as well shoot-'em in the gut for all the good your don't-ask-don't-cure mindset can contribute.
To the point where they seem to have brainwashed people into the mindset that electronic cigarettes are harmful.
Maybe not a good mindset to start off a physics course with.
It's difficult to talk to someone with such an impoverished, boring, and primitive mindset.
But recently my mindset has become affected by our position.
Hopefully, a mindset change will spread amongst prosecutors in the state and nation.
It's half a joke and half a comment about the mindset that allowed him to stockpile money.
But that mindset can get you in trouble, because unemployment benefits are taxable.
That's the mindset of our head coach, and the mindset of our team.
The mindset has to be that through preparation and practice and commitment, you will be successful.
Unfortunately, the market's current get-rich-quick mindset cannot be changed overnight.
If you have the amoral mindset to do anything to win you'll succeed in business.
But it didn't change their world view, it didn't create another mindset.
It will be harder than ever to pry firms and households away from a deflationary mindset.
Social networking tools and a collaborative mindset are making this possible.
Even the development of technologies and manufacturing processes represent their mindset.
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