mind boggling in a sentence

Example sentences for mind boggling

The comment above displays an absolutely mind boggling degree of lack of intelligence and education.
The capacity of people who may be irritated with you to powerfully distort reality in academia is mind boggling many times.
If you get the job, be prepared for mind boggling amounts of paperwork double and triple marking of student work.
The logistics of this are mind boggling but a start must be made.
How they can study multiple variables and claim anything valid out of this is mind boggling, but not surprising.
It's mind boggling how if something is repeated enough times, no matter how ludicrous, people will buy into it.
Its mind boggling that some people actually believe that.
Its mind boggling to me that the low-fat myth has lasted as long as it has.
What really is mind boggling is that there are probably an exponential amount of similar examples all over the world.
It is mind boggling that the universe can still be expanding.
They were used to a level of homework that was mind boggling.
It seems that nothing is getting accomplished and a mind boggling amount of people have lost their lives protecting this country.
The possibilities that modern research opens up are mind boggling.
The thought that bacteria can alter behavior is mind boggling.
How do people actually take this seriously, its mind boggling.
Then what happened next was completely mind boggling.
It is mind boggling how much time currently available for instruction is wasted.
Mind boggling, thought provoking, emotionally wrenching arguments.
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