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Join a team of medical researchers on a journey into the mind as they probe the mysteries of memory.
Torture had shown me the power of my mind on my body.
The mind uses the body to make sense of abstract ideas.
Worrying about the future is a natural tendency, but for some people it is a constant, unwelcome state of mind.
In fact, he says, it may be impossible for humans or any other animal to bring a memory to mind without altering it in some way.
The comment above displays an absolutely mind boggling degree of lack of intelligence and education.
Remarkable experiences for the mind, body and soul are everywhere.
These, too, suggest that he was struggling to control his own mind.
As a relatively new junior faculty member, the specter of the tenure process looms in the nooks of my professional mind.
The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.
Inspiration happens in the mind of a single individual.
Bear in mind that there's no such thing as a failed experiment-only data.
Rather, it is a state of mind to which nobody is immune.
As you compile your list, keep in mind the following.
Your mind will probably wander while you read this article.
Ask students to contribute words that come to mind when they think of pirates.
Old food traditions rarely bring to mind quick meals.
The prosthetics of the future are more than physical attachments, they're intertwined with the human mind.
The fact that fatigue is often only in your mind means that you can choose to ignore it.
It is much more difficult to change the public's mind when they have been misled for so many years.
Attractive low spreader that brings to mind deep, shady woods more add to my plant list.
But how the mind perceives time is another question, one that scientists around the world are debating.
W hen one thinks of fragrance, jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind.
Meditation is a scientifically demonstrated method of lowering stress levels and helping your body and mind relax.
His writing showed that he had a great mind and a limited character.
Observing the color prepares your mind for the sensory experience to come.
Keep in mind the overall scale of the garden you're creating.
Mohawk offers several innovative products designed with this in mind.
Attractive low spreader that brings to mind deep, shady woods.
Keep in mind that a tree that's trouble-free in one climate may be plagued with problems in other areas.
But keep in mind that a pot containing primarily foliage will be easier to maintain.
But more important than all these, you'll not lose your mind in the process.
It likes a little light shade, and it doesn't mind cool weather.
Keep in mind eye-level may be lower in a room designed for seating.
Keep the plant's finished shape in mind as you work.
When one thinks of fragrance, jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind.
Roses in this series were bred with container culture in mind.
My theory is that the mind and body takes automatic action.
There are some curious things in regard to the way in which the human mind is affected by colors as well as the human sight.
Then, as they make adjunct hiring decisions, they'll have you in mind.
So many things come to mind when you look at this image without knowing the background.
No matter how much the drinks cost, consuming too many of them causes one's mind to wander, researchers have concluded.
And squeezed utilities are again trying to make it change its mind.
Research on the subject is leading to insights about how the mind works.
Maybe this mind is compelled by an obsession buried in its neurons.
Then the old one bleated, and went on her way with an easy mind.
It's mighty important, mind you, but a big part of me sees all of that as pure tedium.
Please keep in mind that my major is speech communication thanks.
The more austere the surroundings, the more the mind stirs.
The hammock's design brings to mind a graceful sailing ship that has come into the harbor of a tropical paradise.
Be aware, though, that doing this leaves other job candidates hanging while you make up your mind.
Do keep in mind that dormant stems of clematis can look dead.
Our twists and turns of mind make us vulnerable to sacking.
For peace of mind while traveling, keep your money safely tucked away into this flexible leather travel belt.
Setting your mind on a goal may be counterproductive.
Homes built with energy efficiency in mind should include roofing material that is durable, low maintenance, and reflective.
Keep in mind that winning grants to write the dissertation should be one of your highest priorities.
And so, rock climbing is not really mind over matter, even if it looks that way to the admiring observer.
Keep in mind, too, that your audience will rate you not only on your scholarship but on your performance.
Search committees don't mind updates, but they don't want to be deluged with minutiae.
Some committee members might not mind, but it would grate on the nerves of others.
Keep in mind that you do want to make a good impression.
She tried to understand what happens in the reader's mind as they read.
On every hand the human mind is reaching out to solve the problems of nature.
In his mind, the outcome was always inevitable-and triumphant.
So stop playing mind games with yourself and examine the evidence.
His radio was on the fritz, but never mind: while airborne he would communicate with us on the ground through a series of kicks.
In her mind, the last thing geoengineering should be is an act of desperation.
Skype with the web cam is, in my mind, pushing the limits of bandwidth.
There isn't a doubt in your mind that the body you are looking at is yours.
It may still sound futuristic, but the era of mind-controlled machines is here.
The answer probably lies in the maturation of children's theory-of-mind abilities in this critical period of brain development.
The human mind often confuses familiarity with understanding.
The player they won't see anymore, though, was on the mind of many of them when pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend.
The mind reels, pardon the pun, at what strange possibilities could emerge from it.
And your mind is an electromagnetic map to your soul.
What excites him even more is using his treasures to make mind-expanding connections.
In other words, one way that placebo aids recovery is by hacking the mind's ability to predict the future.
The effort allows a tremendous amount of data to be grasped in one glorious, mind-blowing space photo.
Everybody must have discerned in the action of his mind two diverging tendencies, which in this novel, are harmonized.
My mind might disagree, but in this setting it was difficult for my heart to follow.
The occasion of one of these starts of growth is always some novelty that astounds the mind, and provokes it to dare to change.
At a time when animals still were considered automatons, she set out to find what was on another creature's mind by talking to it.
Coral reef team with a mind-boggling array of life in waters that are often nutrient poor.
Chameleons are known for their ability to shoot out their long sticky tongues and catch insects with mind-numbing speed.
My mind completely rebelled against that experience.
Never mind the occasional snapping turtle or snake that gets in the way.
As scientists work to link machine and mind, bionic limbs are gaining many of the capabilities of human ones.
Certainly the climate has, to some extent, a mind of its own.
Every language is an old growth forest of the mind, a watershed of thought, an entire ecosystem of spiritual possibilities.
He was a reader and a thinker and a social observer, and his mind produced ideas, not opportunities for commerce.
Being out of a job perforates the walls of the mind, and thoughts seep off into strange channels.
Despite her incredible ignorance, her mind was still sharp, and filled with a pure form of curiosity.
Eventually the building changed its mind and did not want the piece.
Supports real-time experience through seamless mind-body interface.
The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
Mind you, the movement you're seeing isn't a physical motion.
Suddenly, your mind would be full of all the information stored in the computer.
Which books they had in mind is not precisely clear except for this: they are not likely to be textbooks.
It is a state of mind or heart rather than a place or people.
His mind was on his work, but his face looked drawn, and his features-it seemed to me- were dissolving into the air.
In adolescence, he discovers the life of the mind and develops into a more serious adult than one might have expected.
Never mind that, said the inspector who wrote the ticket.
There's not a doubt in my mind that audiences across the spectrum will respond to the film's novel approach to sci-fi.
We have to bear this in mind and accept the contradictions.
Your spiritual practices clear your mind, especially on your birthday.
Health crises have a way of focusing the mind on what's true and important.
They did it because of his bright mind and his clear ideas about what he wants to do.
Her hypnotherapist stayed by her side throughout, monitoring her trance state and refocusing her mind when it drifted.
It expands and contracts with his mind until both almost crack.
Put on a headset, focus on a small ball in a cylinder, and use your mind to make the sphere rise.
Achieving peak performance depends on controlling the mind that controls your body.
But the human mind can move through time in any direction and at any speed it chooses.
The body is the effect of the mind not the other way around.
The researchers have even found a mind-boggling application.
These events reveal what the technology industry has on its mind-and right now, it's thinking a lot about on-demand video.
Effective administration of access policy requires understanding the hacker's mind and methods.
People need to keep these near term, realistic goals in mind when they scale the wall of new technologies.
Keep in mind that these are system prices, not cell prices.
One gadget that came to mind would be a wireless tire pressure sensor.
It boggles my mind that mathematicians have infected the sciences with their infinity nonsense for so long.
It boggles my mind because it is so easy to demolish.
Argon is a browser built with expansion in mind, however.
Do a search for mind control and then inform yourselves that you could be next.
And so our investment is mind-blowing compared to anything else.
The size of the container for this type of battery would only be limited by the mind of the designer.

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