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It must have to do with the cultural mimicry you describe.
Each of these images contains one or more creatures exhibiting some form of mimicry behavior.
Researchers find that mimicry makes digital avatars more credible and persuasive.
Many creatures have evolved protective forms of mimicry.
Distance-dependent costs and benefits of aggressive mimicry in a cleaning symbiosis.
And he could be wickedly funny, with impeccable mimicry and timing.
Mimicry is a well-known trick in the animal kingdom.
Studies so far point to what psychologists call facial mimicry.
But if the students put a pencil in their mouth, they could no longer rely on their mimicry.
It's an idealized take on the past, so much feckless mimicry.
It's the mimicry of authenticity that carries or sinks them.
Her satire hews so closely to the original that it is almost mimicry.
Most certainly, his talent for wholesome mimicry contributes a lot to the illusion of a lovable character in this film.
Conversation is suggested over mere mimicry-a sense that before one voices, one must listen.
Botanists recognized orchids' visual mimicry first, but lately they've uncovered even more interesting scent-based mimicry.
Mirth-provoking mimicry and impromptu pantomime are the universal accompaniments of tribal leisure.
All savages appear to possess, to an uncommon degree, this power of mimicry.
Some of these tactics, such as background matching and disruptive coloration, are forms of mimicry.
Before robotic versions of sons can interact with mothers the way real sons do, much more will be required than flawless mimicry.
Here, camouflage and mimicry are survival tools for hunter and hunted.
There are many innovative products based around bio-mimicry.
It's not pulling the strings on a marionette, it's not playing ventriloquist, and it's not mimicry.
Yet, unlike a great actor, he receives no glory for his feats of mimicry.
The red-bellied ant is the first known case of a parasite causing fruit mimicry.
When designing robots, the mimicry goes beyond making emotional-savvy machines.
The role of avoidance learning in an aggressive mimicry system.
With her copious facial mimicry, she even got a few simpletons in the crowd to laugh at the incredulity of such wasted money.
Dance learning is done through observation and mimicry, and that training appears to improve other cognitive skills.
Each voice is a cunning and captivating piece of mimicry.
With her flair for mimicry, the actress is clearly aware of such nuances, and many of her line readings here are hilarious.
Audiences found her mimicry of my pronunciation of l and r as w hysterically funny.
Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of television, now that celebrity mimicry has become a fixture of sweeps specials.
It's a real gift, mimicry of that kind, the tonal thing.
How vivid he was, how inventive, how clever at sparkling mimicry.
But true contextualism has always been a dialogue between past and present, not mindless mimicry.
Other researchers, though, dismiss the animal-language results as sophisticated mimicry.
Before penicillin, untreatable strep throat caused lethal epidemics of rheumatic fever via an evil biochemical mimicry.
However, you would expect the drongo's mimicry to eventually start wearing thin.

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