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Computers are coming closer and closer to mimicking the human brain.
They zapped it with electricity, mimicking lightning.
Neural networks are computer systems designed to find patterns in data by mimicking human thought processes.
Biomimetics is the concept of industrial design and engineering mimicking characteristics found in nature.
The author delights in mimicking the gauche naivete of folk narrative.
The government sues constantly, mimicking its counterparts in neighbouring countries.
The boys stay close by his side, mimicking his every move.
Bland onstage, mimicking that singer's languid, bluesy croon.
And a mimicking octopus not only changes colors but can emulate anything from rocks to snakes.
That's mimicking but he also knows what event it will create.
Since time immemorial, would-be aviators have tried to fly by mimicking birds and bees.
Only once or twice has one ever responded to my mimicking calls.
Laboratory attempts at mimicking diamonds have been largely unsuccessful.
The students may be paying homage to favorite movies or mimicking the world around them.
Second, if your prior comment was really your attempt at mimicking me to make me see the error of my ways, you completely failed.
While some engineers are mimicking the brain, others are going after the eye.
The machine starts to spin, again, mimicking the natural knee joint motion a player makes when changing direction.
But a huge part of that is mimicking the style of the videos, the excitement and glossiness.
Cook a multi-course meal of dishes mimicking food from geeky movies and television shows.
The new technology is mimicking a complicated physiological process.
There is no copyright law on frames, so there is no stopping one maker from mimicking another.
The plants also prosper in power-line corridors, which are frequently mowed, mimicking the effects of fire.
Typically, light therapy involves sitting in the glow of a light box which emits a spectrum of light mimicking daylight.
The house-shaped pages each contain a childhood photograph and a sheet of paper that folds out mimicking the shape of the stoop.
Every philosopher does not have a divinely appointed fool to keep nature from mimicking his art.
Drugs turn this system on powerfully by mimicking the way brain chemicals work.
Psilocybin is thought to work by mimicking serotonin.
State capitalism is sufficiently good at mimicking the market to ensure it has plenty of life left in it.
He agrees that some state-capitalist companies are becoming more efficient by mimicking the market.
But new technologies often begin by mimicking what has gone before, and change the world later.
Because these crafty caterpillars trick ants into feeding them-by mimicking the sound of their queen.
One of the biggest challenges in robotics engineering is mimicking the human sense of touch.
The presentation of games has changed as well, mimicking a more authentic broadcast experience.
Environmental exposure to hormone-mimicking chemicals may have an effect too.
One company believes it has found an answer to these problems by mimicking the fin of the humpback whale.
Sitting on the web, it plucks the silken threads with its legs, mimicking the frequency of weakly struggling prey.
Some attract males by mimicking the sight and smells of females.
We contemplate the leaf-mimicking insect with amazement.
The robot can learn tasks by watching a human perform them and then mimicking the human's actions.
Others fool bats by mimicking the sounds of distasteful species.
He is currently working on two ways of mimicking the springtails' skin, the first of which should be published later this year.
Mimicking such silk and developing ways of producing it industrially has long been a goal of materials scientists.
Software routers perform the same tasks using commodity hardware--by mimicking the behavior of a hardware router in software.
Ironically, the victory comes when the computer-chess community has long abandoned any pretense of mimicking human thought.
While the overall approach is similar to kidney dialysis, mimicking liver function is far more complicated.
Nicotine stimulates neurons by mimicking acetylcholine, one of the brain's major signaling molecules.
It is delivered through the portal vein, mimicking the natural physiology of the body.
The contaminants include natural hormones excreted by humans and livestock as well as hormone-mimicking synthetic chemicals.
Many of these toxins are endocrine disruptors, which can impair reproduction by mimicking or changing hormonal activity.
They've seen chimps cup their hands and beat their chests, as if mimicking their gorilla neighbors.
On top of that, one of the cartoons actually checked his watch during the performance, mimicking the few remaining viewers.
And sometimes kids are simply mimicking others' behavior.
As often happens in football, the players are now mimicking the personalities of their coaches.
Look out, it's another app trawling for attention by mimicking felonious real-world activities.

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