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Example sentences for mimicked

He had a head which statuaries loved to copy, and a foot the deformity of which the beggars in the streets mimicked.
Early botanists believed that leaf insects actually incorporated the foliage they mimicked.
Since then, computer viruses have mimicked their biological namesakes, spreading digital disease around the world.
The beauty of this model was that it mimicked the way people actually converse in a group setting.
The duo raised the babies in enclosures that mimicked their natural environments, and waited.
The more the movement mimicked the target, the better the performance.
Stiff rings around the tube mimicked the structure of a human trachea.
The simulations correctly mimicked the cooling caused by plumes from volcanic eruptions, which temporarily block the sun.
Sometimes, they mimicked raindrops, bird songs or freeway traffic.
He sometimes mimicked pulling the sound out of a player, pulling a thumb and forefinger toward himself.
He clenched his fists and mimicked the way she balled her tiny hands.
His bitterest rivals reviled his hardball campaign tactics, then carefully studied and mimicked them.
The nine different types of sweat were then mimicked using modern aroma chemicals.
The dosage of quercetin mimicked the amount given to mice, adjusted to human size.
They had mimicked the structure of an insect surface which doesn't reflect light.

Famous quotes containing the word mimicked

"Where, where..." M'sieur Pierre mimicked him. "You know where. Off to do chop-chop."... more
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