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Lights bright enough to mimic true day light.
So naturally computers will soon be able to mimic the brain's workings.
This exercise mimics that situation to improve stability and prevent a crash.
Predatory mimics are found in nature.
They mimic the acoustic effect, not the production.
In other words, the movements of dreaming eyes mimic those of waking eyes.
Little kids love to mimic older kids.
Kids mimic real life motions to make them happen on the screen.
He suggests she use exchange traded funds, which are funds that try to mimic an index or industry group's performance.
Races are grueling and can tend to mimic roller derby on dirt.
Then novice surgeons were trained to mimic those eye movements.
Once the team decides exactly which version to mimic, the scientists retreat to their labs.
They can mimic feelings without experiencing them.
The common thread among these methods is an embrace of farming practices that mimic natural ecological processes.
The many ramps and steps mimic mountains and valleys, and provide great little perches for lunching in the sun.
The samples are contained in microenvironments that mimic space and planetary conditions.
Our human longing to mimic birds has often proved painful.
The way people are interacting with online materials is really starting to mimic what they're doing offline.
He says she will often mimic the questions to friends at school.
They tend to mimic the regular-season schedule time-frame-wise with afternoon and evening games.
If they could be clarified, it might be possible to mimic them on an industrial scale, and thus produce better drugs.
But human beings have the tendency to mimic the activities of winners to improve their own lives.
Learning a language, you're encouraged to mimic the rhythm and pace as much as the individual sounds.
They are even trying to mimic insects, by making robots that take off when they flap their wings.
Instead of replicating pills based on chemistry, these mimic newer biotechnology drugs.
Torpedoes can still be tricked, in many cases, with decoys that emit sound waves to mimic ships.
Scientists are learning to mimic nature to produce clean energy, by re-creating photosynthesis in the lab.
Scientists have long sought to mimic the chemical perfection of a spider's web.
Few concepts capture the human imagination more than robots, undoubtedly because they are often designed to mimic us.
Researchers flush the tube with nutrients to mimic blood flow, allowing the vessel to mature for about a month.
In addition to being labeled with a symbol, each key was paired with a whistle that dolphins could mimic.
Not coincidentally, it has unique properties that make it difficult to mimic.
But as an exercise in actually trying to mimic star colors, it's a whole lot tougher than you might think.
Mice are simply one way to keep expenses down compared to other animals that more closely mimic human reactions.
When they unconsciously mimic a false smile, they don't experience the same brain activity as an authentic one.
He was a master mimic, inimitable in his droll asides, an improviser and innovator of new tricks.
The video presents characters whose behaviors mimic that of the viewer.
Neural networks were originally designed to mimic human gray matter.
Over the past few years, there has been a drive to develop displays that more closely mimic the properties of paper.
The scientists also added a few random changes to their code to mimic biological mutations.
But finding the cells behind this defense mechanism in order to study and perhaps even mimic them has proved quite the challenge.
These dynamics are thought to be crucial to learning and memory, and they are what the researchers sought to mimic in silicon.
They can also mimic road conditions with a machine that shakes the battery packs.
Today they reveal a new, table top machine for producing blast waves that mimic the profiles of real explosions.
But researchers have developed molecules that mimic a lipid on the bacterial surface.
Prescribed fires are planned to mimic the effects of these fires.
We know that exogenous chemicals mimic neurotransmitters and modulators.
He learned to mimic my facial expressions to tell me what he wants and when he wants to play.
To test the underlying mechanisms, they built a large-scale structure that helps mimic the behavior of microscopic particles.
It is impossible for the brain to mimic process of a computer as computers are invented by the brains.
He then goes on to mention the fact that infants mimic gestures and faces made by their parents.
Part of the cosmonauts' training was done in an isolation chamber designed to mimic the mental stresses spaceflight.
In other words, quantum gravitational effects might mimic dark energy.
If the author was purposefully trying to mimic the maddening cycle of addiction in the book's structure, he succeeded.
While addressing a problem in the arcane field of mathematical logic, he imagined a machine that could mimic human reasoning.
And that voice is beyond a simple mimic of a strange voice.
But only a small percentage who are already psychotic are going to be influenced to mimic what they see.
It was a real party scene, with different rooms filled with white smoke to mimic an opium den.
Slight problem: he might be able to mimic rapping, but he could not write rhymes.

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