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Most of the solos were introduced by each dancer explaining the gestures of the mime used in the storytelling.
For example, the ex-smoker might mime putting out a cigarette in an ashtray to his right, even as he looked to the left.
Also in the sense that many of the figures who mime the chorus wear no clothes.
Bush employs elaborate theatrical techniques borrowed from mime and modern dance to frame her ethereal pop operas.
Yet more surprising, the properties of these mirror neurons suggest that human language began in gesture and mime, not in speech.
For the actors, for example, you can't ask them to mime things.
Producers tried out a mime wearing an animatronic ape costume, but determined that they needed another approach.
It's not mime, not a poor, pidgin derivative of spoken tongues--it's a richly endowed language in and of itself.
Rust delivered an awkward mime full of curious hand gestures, which was greeted by lukewarm laughter and sideways glances.
We had a mime and a construction worker all there to see how on it they were.

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Is it a new spring star Within the timing chill, Talking, or just a mime, That rises in the blood Thin Jack... more
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