millrace in a sentence

Example sentences for millrace

Near the sawmill shore, near what might have been safety, the ice simply ended in a deep flow of river water from the millrace.
Millrace employs two in addition to the company's owners.
Next they set to work deepening the stream so that the millrace would have adequate power.
Years before, this shallow ditch on the shortest line between river and swamp had been used as a millrace.
The newer, taller section of the building sits over the millrace.
Preliminary field reconnaissance has re-located the millrace, and milldam.
Consider removing or reforming the old concrete piers from the millrace to improve river safety as mitigation for project impacts.
The site also includes the millrace and two millstones that are lying next to the miller's house foundations.
The millrace-the fast moving stream that powered the mill-now runs under the parking lot to the site of the machine shop.
Above-ground ruins, including the millrace and mill foundation, are present.
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