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Example sentences for milling

Scientific personalities will never be respected by the milling mindless, idiots that surround them.
There are a few different milling techniques for different weights or such.
The bureaucracy has turned us into diplomas-milling robots.
Then they heat and crush the nibs between large milling wheels.
Any driver who has been stuck behind a milling machine has seen pavement recycling in action.
There were no people milling around or pots and pans around fireplaces or clothing hanging on lines.
True, there were a lot of dinosaurs milling around and no people, but not a lot has changed since then.
The addition of iron to white flour, for example, replaces the iron lost during the milling of whole wheat.
Marshals tried to keep the milling thousands out of the work in progress.
They are also examining ways to enhance the performance of milling tools by using nanotechnology in their coatings.
Once inside, people did a lot of friendly milling around.
Tells about the milling and chatting by the book people.
Writer and a companion joined the non-dinner guests milling in the ground-floor costume show.
Inside the church, more people were milling, while a few tried to sleep on benches or on the floor.
There were bazaars everywhere, and thousands of people milling about wheeling and dealing.
And then there's the precision milling and the quality control checks.
Dozens of elephants are milling around in clusters that are constantly forming and breaking apart.
Hundreds of shoppers were milling through the streets and galleries when the blaze began.
The system is, in a sense, symmetrical: the milling atoms look the same whatever the observer's vantage point.
In hospitals, modesty is often thrown to the wind as treatments are carried out in full view of milling crowds.
They were milling around the watering holes with dancing and music.
Hardly any manufacture of a generation ago was so simple as flour milling.
Most of the forest losses are due to paper milling and palm oil plantations.
Every idiot was milling around, and stuffing way too much carry-on into the overhead lockers.
Three hundred others were milling in the yard armed with clubs and rocks.
Panic came on the heels of the milling, stumbling horde of refugees.
The boat towed the net, buoyed and weighted, around the milling fish.
The milling machine will be used within the park to renovate park roads.
Tonight's dinner features bulgur, wheat berries that are steamed and dried before milling.
The crowd trends older than the university kids milling outside looking for a no-cover bar.
Agriculture is an integral part of the history of this region, which is also known for timber milling.

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