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If every little millimeter counts in the height of your children, a spring or fall birth might give them an edge.
If you show someone a millimeter next to a meter, the difference is obvious and large.
The other ensconces itself in the micro-habitat of the sebaceous gland, less than a millimeter away.
Instead it's bits of plastic less than one millimeter in size.
But scientists believe that the rate of rise was essentially the same for several thousand years: about one millimeter per year.
Tons of rock must be dissolved to retrieve a few hundred embryos, none of which are more than a fraction of a millimeter across.
Each cell measures about one-ten-thousandth of a millimeter wide.
It was recently discovered that the first millimeter of water in the ocean was a living system.
The viruses infect a cubic millimeter or two of tissue.
It's a long process, her broken bones are moved a millimeter further apart each day.
The handwritten scale bar at the bottom of the photo is one millimeter long.
Normal cardiac artery walls are about a millimeter thick.
Its resolution is sufficient to show dense concentrations of plankton measuring a fraction of a millimeter.
Two strands of two millimeter galvanized wire, the top one indicated by the insulators on every tree, was the hot one.
In darts, the difference between cheers and boos can be a mere millimeter.
The team then sorted through their habitat cubes, coaxing out every inhabitant, down to a size of about a millimeter.
Our experts are on a mission to find out where memories reside in the brain by examining every millimeter for clues.
The above image shows a three-millimeter-wide droplet of heptane fuel burning in microgravity.
Polyurethane and a five-millimeter-thick silicone skin, soft and specially colored, cover a metal skeleton.
With the conventional process, a millimeter of silicon can produce about three solar-cell wafers.
The air rushes out of tiny, millimeter-long slots that run along the circular frame and flows down a gently sloping ramp.
Future millimeter wave units will come with the new software already installed.

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