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The new millennium is a time for exciting discoveries and renewed appreciation for our history and our heritage.
However, the phrase "seeing is believing" hasn't lasted for over two millennium for just no reason.
This is supposed to happen at the start of the millennium.
It is impossible to say just when these national dress codes began eroding, but by the turn of the millennium they were gone.
He was headed straight into the battle of the millennium.
It is time to move this holiday into the new millennium.
That uncertainty will spread as the millennium approaches, and could easily tip into panic.
This updated guide to etiquette explains how to navigate in the new millennium.
It's truly the work of a millennium.
E-mail is so last millennium.
Why, six months ago you would have thought it the millennium to have a flower shop of your own.
But only in the new millennium, in the time of global electronic transmission, has the identification become second nature.
Mock wireless antennae of bamboo and rope had been erected to receive in advance the news of the millennium.
Something similar may be happening on a global scale as our millennium approaches its close.
By the turn of the millennium, my argument was beginning to gain ground.
But the pace of the change has quickened since the turn of the millennium, and even more so since the crash.
Seventies luxuries-air conditioners and clothes dryers-are of course the new millennium's necessities.
The layout of the site is considered to be a seminal work of urban planning from the first millennium.
In fact, our electronic novelties are transforming the word as profoundly as the printing press did half a millennium ago.
The lost first decade of the millennium could be redeemed in one year of gutsy negotiating.
Another, painted at the turn of the millennium, presents an imaginary firework display.
The end of war between nations is a nearly certain achievement of the next millennium, if not the next century.
Websites are the shop fronts of the new millennium, and of course you don't put damaged goods in the window.

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