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Humans had been knocking out beads here and there for millennia years before the shell necklaces in question were made.
Humanity for millennia has chosen to live in cities.
Since their capture millennia ago, the microbes seem to have been completely isolated.
Over the course of the next few millennia a host of indigenous large-bodied mammals, such as the mammoth, died out.
Some of them must have panned out some of the time, since they've endured for millennia.
Stories of human flight have persisted for millennia.
Case studies of the dynamics of borderlands across four millennia.
Diasporas have been a part of the world for millennia.
Solar eclipses have been recorded as important events by humans for millennia.
Most demands of life are relatively mundane and change little across the millennia.
The traditional methods that they bake with were the ways that einkorn was baked with for millennia.
It involves periods of decades, centuries and millennia over an entire planet.
The scale and intensity of changes were so great that matters that for millennia were local concerns became global.
It's the ideas that are important, that have the ability to survive millennia when the authors have long since died.
Sometimes a millennia of progress cannot overcome the few inches between our ears.
These predators have evolved unique killing strategies of stealth, speed and deception perfected over millennia.
The valley, once constantly policed, was looted repeatedly over nearly three millennia.
Yes, but existentially it seems to take millennia to get there.
Bent by millennia of interment, the skull had a deformed shape that made it tough to tag as totally human.
It will be interesting to see what ideas from today come to be so far reaching in scientific thought for millennia to come.
Geologists offer a more prosaic explanation: ice age glaciers gouged the terrain as they advanced and retreated millennia ago.
The question has bothered philosophers for millennia and computer scientists for decades.
Tropical glaciers have not fared well in the new millennia.
Life lazed through those doldrums for a million millennia.
Over the millennia the bodies decomposed, leaving the space they occupied.
Used for millennia to congeal soy milk into tofu, this gunk has hundreds of applications.
People have been trying to eat their way to eternal life for millennia.
He says islanders have used the cave as a burial ground for millennia.
The drug is all these things and more, for its history is a long one, spanning millennia and continents.
The answer: they are everywhere and have been her for millennia.
For parts of the patch, it is hotter than might be expected over several millennia.
Here in the birthplace of our species, people have shaped the land-and been shaped by it-for millennia.
But some things have remained steadfast through the course of millennia.
As ice barriers melt, species that have been separated for millennia can comingle once again.
But power plants and aircraft are expected to last decades, not millennia.
Rather, science was gradually developed as a human intellectual pursuit over many millennia.
In doing so, he created the perfect radiation warning symbol, which will remain timeless for millennia to come.
We have absolutely no idea what these were last century, a millennia ago, a million tears ago etc etc.
And in some landscapes this process has been undertaken over millennia.
It is all brought to you thanks to millennia of human scientific inquiry.
It is an effective solution, but one that goes back millennia.
Books have been written on sheets of dried, mashed plants for about five millennia.
Fires, both natural and human-caused, have burned seasonally dry parts of the island with clockwork regularity for millennia.
Over thousands of millennia a mantle of sediment built up over its bones.
It can take millennia for them to peak up from the desert floor.
Cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant for millennia.
Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in permafrost formations.
Coaxing breathable oxygen levels out of those forests, though, could take many millennia.
The publishing business is centuries old and bookstores have been around for millennia.
People tried many things, from cattle to wheat to sea shells before settling on gold and silver millennia ago.
Over the millennia it evolved into today's simple but multilayered game of tiles and strategy.
Encoded in the world's longevity cultures are millennia of observed human experience.
Behavior patterns that prevailed for millennia are suddenly in doubt.
And the layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
And layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
Over the millennia, we've advanced mandible candy technology quite a bit.
In it, he argues that technology has inverted our millennia-old relationship with memory.
The essay, which had tremendous influence on the intellectual world, seemed to conclude a millennia-old debate.
Species can be wiped out in a decade or a year, yet it takes tens of millennia for new ones to evolve.
And for all those millennia, the two apparently had nothing whatsoever to do with each other.
These bacteria have had millennia to practice their art, as oil frequently leaks from natural seeps in the area.
Over millennia, the climate shifts in natural cycles.
Yet for millennia, these bulky lawn mowers have entranced humans with the agglutinated hair that makes up their horns.
The civilization from which it draws strength is five millennia old, full of countless cycles of prosperity and turmoil.

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