milled in a sentence

Example sentences for milled

What can be revealed by my hosts is revealed: corn kernels are delivered and milled, dextrose is extracted from starch.
More than a hundred people milled around holding brooms and scrub brushes: the protesters had transformed into a cleanup crew.
There was still cheering, but some guests milled around and wondered what had happened.
Afterward, there was a feeling of disappointment and false cheer as protesters milled about in the cold.
Outside in the courtyard about a dozen police officers milled around, demanding identification from attendees.
Others milled among the dozens of police and army vehicles.
Soldiers in fatigues milled about the line, smoking cigarettes.
Others milled around outside, wearing civilian clothes instead of their uniforms to avoid being easily identified.
The walls of their craft were finely milled aluminum foil.
He milled around with students as police cars and an ambulance converged on the tumultuous scene.

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