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Uniformed militia are patrolling the streets and watching the city from their dirigibles.
These men of the law are mostly inexperienced ex-members of one militia or another.
She argues such militias inspired by a populist personality could be the first signs of a dictatorship in the making.
The newest idea is a local pirate-fighting militia.
Continentals and militia were hemming in the streets and lanes with ball and bayonet.
Men young and old flocked to join militia companies.
The Guard are state militia.
Rebel militias and Congolese army troops are fighting each other for control of mineral-rich land.
In fifty years we have made no material progress in militia organization.
Any army fighting a popular militia has hard choices.
They lived in violent neighborhoods that were surrounded by militia checkpoints.
They also claim that the rioting was stoked by pro-government militia and plainclothes soldiers to discredit their movement.
It responded by clamping down on clan violence and instructing its own militia to be kinder to the public.

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