military police in a sentence

Example sentences for military police

The military police did nothing to control the murderous disorder for nearly six hours.
The agent also described military police manipulating the temperatures in detainees' cells.
It's an ostensibly secular military police state, run by a single despot.
The red beret of the military police sits atop a pair of handcuffs.
Later, around midnight, he was arrested by the military police from his parents' house.
Then, from behind a line of military police, a sharpshooter in civilian clothes fired a rifle into a crowd of unarmed civilians.
By all accounts they behaved peacefully until blocked by military police protecting the television building.
When they appeared in court, military police shook their hands, and some asked for autographs.
Before being shooed away by military police, he claimed, he had spotted several little bodies strewn nearby.
Military police protect lives and property on military bases by enforcing military laws and regulations.
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