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But they do require some demonstrated background in military or diplomatic history.
Military service lingers in countries that are poor or small, but elsewhere it is on the way out.
The use of animals in military ceremony and warfare has always interested me.
Military honors would come later-and may yet come again.
Swim or row ashore and cruise through the old military barracks.
The military knows a fair amount about jamming cell phones.
The military operation did little to disrupt life in the slum, where authorities did not fire a single shot.
Military technology used to filter down to consumers.
Effective camouflage is crucial to any military campaign.
How can the military get its people to go out and die, if it can not promise them some reward.
The military is struggling to address a surge in mental health problems being reported among returning soldiers.
Increasing spending for the military does a couple of things.
Besides military use, infrared technology has proven useful in many other applications.
The military is a good place for social misfits to go and do their crimes.
Military families here will have one more reason to feel patriotic.
In this age of looming bioterrorism, keeping chemical warfare vapors off of soldiers is a primary military concern.
That's the message military and national security experts gathered here want to send to climate scientists.
Whats surprising is that the military is in big on renewables.
Laser gyroscopes have been in use for decades in the military.
Yet no public consensus on a sharp reduction of military outlays exists.
We knew the military had an awesomely bad collection of acronyms.
We traveled further and controlled more land in a few weeks than what has ever been achieved in military history.
Military officers now earn much more than federal civilian employees with the same level of education.
The military launched a new recruiting campaign today, aimed at potential troops' parents.
He's writing a letter to a friend to convince him to join the military.
It was not possible to compare coverage of military funerals directly.
The military is scrambling to identify disgruntled or radicalized troops who pose a threat to themselves or their buddies.
So the military now has an electric laser that's weapons-grade.
We had to keep him posted concerning the movement of the armies, to draw up military bulletins for him.
One of his last requests was that he might be buried with military honors.
No study of these military witticisms has been made.
Now was heard again the clangor of the music, and the measured tramp of the military escort, issuing from the church-door.
His ordinary avocations are perfectly compatible with all the duties of military service.
The center is not part of a news organization, but a military operation, and those writers and producers are soldiers.
Desperate, the space agency turned to the military's top-secret spy satellites for help.
The loss of his journals had caused him even more sorrow than his retirement from the military six years earlier.
If the latter is the case, there's no reason to believe that the ex-military people who have said it was real are lying.
The stone isn't under military guard or at a hidden location.
Was there any money for training the people in how to make food, because school food is basically as bad as military if not worse.
So while you want to believe that all of the bad things were done by the police and military, it isn't true.
There were violent protesters as well as violent police and military.
Explain that this is an area where military technology has helped scientific research.
Don't be shy about making introductions at the local police station, military base, or aid organizations.
The problem with my area is the concentration of highly educated professionals and the large military-industrial complex.
Order was the focus and it seemed almost military in its rigidness.
The military cannot exclude from protection individuals who fail to pay their taxes.
Plenty of bipolar people and military veterans commit suicide.
Law enforcement and the military owning and operating guns is fine.
But the military relies heavily on such drives to store information.
The military has a problem in how it talks to itself.
Nevertheless, the virus has sparked a bit of a firestorm in military circles.
Military research is at the forefront of this work, much of it focused on drugs.
It would be similar to how our military is trained to ignore noise.
It often takes military intervention to halt genocide.
These same results may not be obtained in studies of military officers, welfare recipients or nightclub devotees, for example.
The early part of it will be fought by unmanned vehicles and other military robots.
Direct action represents more-traditional military operations.
Military history pierces the philosophical fog that often surrounds the other humanities.
If a military strike won't accomplish that, it should not happen.
Many were hatched in military barracks and commanders' offices.
But it remains unclear what the military, now in charge, intends to do.
There was no guard of honor, and no military salute.
There were more military variety shows, more patriotic bands, more heroic leaders.
Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength.
It is at once a comprehensive military and diplomatic account, and a vast picaresque.
Every side road had a signpost warning of the unwisdom of photography and the presence of military installations.
Those are the guiding principles behind the military's latest bombs.
The first bendable, touch-screen display will be used by the military.
The military gets their hands on it and promptly uses it to destroy all living things on the planet.
Mobile power could give the military a huge advantage with remotely operated, unmanned equipment.
For example, the military tested stiff-soled piezoelectric shoes as a power source, but soldiers complained of foot pain.
The group demonstrated the self-healing system in various coatings, including in a commercial military ship paint.
Of course, the big interest is likely to come from the military.
It doesn't include environmental costs, military costs to keep oil flowing.
It describes a fourth possibility: electromagnetic interference from one or more of the ten military craft that were in the area.
The meeting set revised targets for the police and the military, but the primary emphasis was on propaganda.
It's a project that's been in the works for three years, and uses cultural data provided by the military.
Military robots right now are too expensive to be autonomous-you can't afford to have them screw up.
And this electric aircraft also has military applications.
At first glance one would think it could be a plane going down, a military flare or missile exercise.
There was a practice flight going on at a nearby military air base.
The article refers to stealth implementations which almost certainly means military implementations.
Areas of concentration range from counseling to forensics and military clinical psychology.
Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms.
There's a lot of talk these days about reducing the cost of military technology projects.
The country's military not only secures its borders but also runs a large section of the economy.
One day you are doing a mission with the infantry, then next the next day your are working with the military police and medics.
The method used depends upon when the member first entered military service.

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