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We reject the bland relativism of the militant secularists.
Over the past two decades, this militant has been almost constantly in arms.
The ascent to power of a new elite of militant indigenous people has been a long time coming.
But militant stance from both camps is making matters worse.
Signs of militant activity are enough to bring in the drones.
When it comes to being militant on the mountain, our team has it covered.
Every week, militant groups of unemployed stage street protests.
His militant stance, thought-provoking lyrics, energetic stage presence and soulful baritone were immensely influential.
The right's reaction was less militant than might have been expected.
Two years ago, imprisoned militant leaders declared a ceasefire that has held until now.
One militant group recently said it was willing to let aid convoys in.
If you become militant or try to be a vigilante you are only going to cause problems.
The militant journalists exposed abuses and accomplished many reforms and undoubtedly made themselves feared by many wrongdoers.
But to some, it has also become a militant-styled menace.
She insists she was never personally involved in violent actions during her militant days.
People who are militant about not having children, and attempt to convert others to the cause, sometimes strike me as curious.
The objections are by no means confined to a militant fringe.
None of the twenty militant commanders operating there has been killed or captured.
But without one, they were in danger of becoming a dwindling protest movement with a limited concentration of militant supporters.
For his more militant colleagues, such lionizing was further proof of his bad faith.
Militant suffragists used tactics such as parades, silent vigils, and hunger strikes.
It often requires months, years, and even decades for a movement to transition from political to militant.
Soon, though, a new version appeared that hitched the old tune to a more militant cause.
Tips from local residents led troops to his location, where one armed militant brandished a weapon and tried to flee.

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