militancy in a sentence

Example sentences for militancy

Militancy, civil disobedience, and outright anti-capitalism are unlikely to appeal to mainstream voters.
Militancy takes a completely different form in poetry than it does in other domains.
He did so with a militancy his successors lack and which seemed to both defy and negate the concessions such a solution entailed.
The unions' earlier militancy is the main reason for their relative docility today.
More importantly, it is unclear whether there are sustainable structures in place to keep the militancy tamped down.
She says she now believes in what capitalism can do but is equally proud of her past militancy.
Its renewed militancy has left some managers feeling they have been betrayed.

Famous quotes containing the word militancy

...the moving spirit of militancy is deep and abiding reverence for human life.... more
The militancy of men, through all the centuries, has drenched the world with blood, and for these deeds of ... more
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