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Beyond the artistic milieu, however, only limited runs of wedding invitations or exorbitantly priced books could justify the cost.
The spacetime milieu is frozen in all universes.
This, he notes, creates a need for both identification and verification of trust in what is generally an untrustworthy milieu.
Such ties tend to weaken or disappear in the urban milieu.
He knew that I knew the background and milieu that he came out of.
His lyrical gift had pushed him out of the milieu that moved him to verse.
We are all to blame: It's a broad social failure, a cultural milieu that backfired, big time.
She renders accessible the facts of Wright's life and earnestly attempts to reconstruct his milieu.
As these works attest, even as part of a milieu, Pollock had a daring of his own.
Their milieu is of political and legal relations.
Serum adds buffering capacity to the medium and binds or neutralizes toxic components in the growth milieu.
In its attempts to suggest a milieu, the book feels underpopulated and devoid of texture.

Famous quotes containing the word milieu

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