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Whatever else happened, the milestone of completing the doctorate would buoy my spirits.
But its significance is deeper and wider than that of being a mere historical milestone.
Mapping milestone emphasizes complexity of disease.
It seems only reasonable that there would be some type of publicity for this milestone.
The growing movement to host a presidential debate focused on science has reached a new milestone.
News survey form struck me the same way, as a kind of milestone.
For all that, they represent an important milestone on the road to the future.
But new research today shows that the milestone has been a mixed bag for one.
And already two signposts to the next milestone have come into view.
And so this discovery is fundamental and a milestone for cosmology.
Three years later than planned, this milestone is likely to be met.
The milestone itself isn't nearly as significant as the trend.
The world's population is thought to have reached that milestone on his birthday.
It could turn out to be a milestone for quantum computing.
These universities have reached an important milestone in making renewables a potential source of base load energy.
That's one more milestone in an extraordinary run that began over a decade ago.
Until that milestone is reached, it can only be said to be conceived.
Submit your questions, comments or congratulations now for the chance to have it included during this milestone event.
Milestone dates in the invention of the astronomical telescope.
It's a milestone that's been almost thirty years in the making.
But the earlier milestone will be the one that grabs attention.
Education contributes to learning, which is a milestone on the way to wisdom.
The discovery represents a historic milestone in astronomy.
Make completion of each year a milestone with rewards.
It is also an important milestone for workers' rights.
If it is to celebrate another major milestone, it will need to figure out how to stop cutting the feet to fit the shoes.
He is more or less in denial about this milestone, and it suits him.
The manned-flight program is rapidly advancing through its intermediate objectives toward the milestone of the lunar landing.
Life is short, as the birthday milestone ought to remind you.
It was a milestone in the long journey back toward respectability.
There's more to the story-the other historical milestone.
There will come a milestone, and we'll give people an update.
The advance was a milestone in the continued miniaturization of electronics.
The invention of color photography was an important milestone in our shared visual language.
Once caught and reeled in, these stories get entangled in a net of milestone memories.
Commissioning is the last milestone before the mission becomes operational and starts delivering usable data.
If those elections are perceived to be free and fair, that will be another milestone in the reform process.
Other times, he's funny, wearing a silly-looking birthday hat as he celebrates yet another milestone.

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