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Example sentences for mildly

They are mildly venomous snakes, but their tiny, fixed rear fangs make them harmless to humans.
Mildly insulated in the seat area for protection against cold lift chairs.
By removing the frogs in mildly infested areas, people can help keep them from spreading-and keep their own gardens frog free.
The live chat is mildly interesting, but apparently is heavily moderated so that only questions perceived as good get through.
It turned out that stress is only mildly related and simple antibiotics cures must ulcers.
By some measures, it even appears to be mildly attracted to the smell of felines.
You'll look mildly ludicrous holding this giant smartphone up to your ear, but voice performance is decent.
Newspapers were mildly concerned about falling circulation rather than in an all-out panic about imminent collapse.
But the idea that companies maximize short term profits at the expense of long-term returns is, to put it mildly, unproven.
Still in the running might have been putting it mildly.
People across the globe are unhappy, to put it mildly, with their governments.
The baseball hat was back today but its mount was restored to reasonable health and only mildly labored breathing.
The garbage had been dumped into a peat swamp that was mildly acidic.
Not to mention that any organism that might manage to have rode along would be environmentally challenged, to put it mildly.
He submerged the tube in a beaker of seawater containing mildly radioactive sugar and amino acids, and some food colouring.
He is also mildly appalled at the sheer bulk of the contraption.
He's still mildly anaemic, but he enjoys a good quality of life.
It can mildly amplify or suppress such things, but is not the main driver of it.
Probably spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the idea and only be mildly disappointed when it didn't work.
It contains one mildly suggestive sequence and a little profanity.
Another path is exploitation of mildly favorable differences that already exist in many genes.
She said this repeatedly in the clipped, mildly truculent way she says a lot of things.
Symptoms may occur as mildly delayed development or failure to thrive.
It includes some strong language and mildly off-color jokes.
The gums are usually painless or mildly tender, unless a tooth abscess is also present.
Time, you discover, has wrought changes that leave you feeling mildly foolish and out of touch.
But more often it shows the group aiming to expand its palette, with mildly spiritual lyrics and a diminished reliance on rhythm.
Some of its rich-country backers have overstretched budgets of their own, to put it mildly.
At this week's gathering, expectations were cautious, to put it mildly.
Sweeping the proposal certainly is, and the idea of ending health inequality in one generation is ambitious, to put it mildly.
At first glance, the events of the past fortnight look mildly encouraging.
But to deliver such a negative judgment at this stage is, to put it mildly, somewhat premature.
The employment report is a big negative story after a run of mildly positive news reports.
After a mildly technical discussion, he destroyed the results.
Normally, this balance is achieved at mildly positive real rates.
Pop culture, to put it mildly, has paid less attention to these nuances.
One businessman grumbles mildly at the sales he'll lose because of the lockdown.

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