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Words in whatever language came from words in another, migratory or previous and historically overlapping language.
The report suggests forming an elephant-conservation body and legal protection for the migratory corridors.
Even today little is known of their reproductive habits or migratory movements.
Migratory tuna are also unlikely candidates for farming.
Damning raises temperatures along with preventing migratory species from spawning.
Researchers have long wondered whether migratory birds return to their birthplace to breed.
Much of the wild population is migratory, though not much is known about their exact routes.
Physical remains, rather than linguistic patterns and microbes, are the preferred form of evidence for human migratory maps.
The first of a flotilla to come, it carried wind-monitoring equipment as well as radar for tracking migratory birds.
Also, geese and sea ducks have changed their migratory routes and schedules.
Migratory birds travel vast distances as they move between their summer and winter homes.
The hatchlings swam opposite directions in the two trials-both being the right ones, to stay on the migratory track.
Migratory species have highly developed olfactory receptor genes.
The prairie pothole region is a migratory corridor and a haven for rare plants.
Hunter-gatherers are required to migrate with abundant food, in any migratory species.
Protecting vulnerable wetlands and migratory paths for wildlife.
So, having these stopover spots is pretty critical for the overall breeding success along with these different migratory species.
Blocking the migratory paths of species will have catastrophic outcomes.
During its migratory phase it sprouts a single flagellum and goes hunting for prey.
Thus, you see this in migratory birds who are flying for the long haul.
We'll never get rid of flu because a reservoir of influenza viruses lives in swine and birds, including wild, migratory birds.
Iguanas and many species of migratory birds live in the park as well, and goats and donkeys graze on the hills.
Most ospreys are migratory birds that breed in the north and migrate south for the winter.
They will consider ways in which contextual information provides scientists with clues about ancient migratory patterns.
Students discuss the navigation methods of migratory animals.
The alkaline puddle and surrounding wetlands draw hundreds of thousands of migratory birds.
The trio designed an experiment that allowed them to see, for the first time, how migratory songbirds behave in the wild.
Migration: poorly understood, easternmost populations more migratory.
Have groups compare and contrast the migratory habits of two species.
For migratory species, such dams can disrupt several stages of the life cycle of the fish.
He is leading the efforts to find roosting sites along their migratory path.
State and county authorities are often called in to remove these migratory birds when they cause damage to property or crops.
The area is important to waterfowl, such as wood ducks, and migratory birds.
The refuge protects waterfowl nesting areas and supports migratory birds.
It's not uncommon to see dolphins and migratory birds.
Since many species are migratory, the total number of birds ebbs and flows with the season.
Your guide will help you spot and correctly identify the resident and migratory inhabitants of the area.
The lower basin remains wild in comparison to the upper, providing good habitats for migratory birds and fish.
Visitors hike, bike, swim and bird watch--Chincoteague is a stop for several species of migratory birds.
All of these birds often rest here on their migratory journey.
Many migratory bird and eagle permits have an annual reporting requirement.

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