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The mechanical cotton picker spurred a migration to northern cities-and the civil rights movement.
As humans populate formerly wild regions, they increasingly intersect bird migration patterns.
Scientists have finally located the 24-hour clock that guides the migration of monarch butterflies.
It's a reference to the average miles food travels to your plate and the gallons of fuel used in its migration.
Even the church's language is rooted in migration.
With that appointment, Jack began a career-long migration in search of permanent employment.
As any scholar of immigration can tell you, both "push" and "pull" factors explain transnational migration.
And simply preparing for migration can compromise animals' immune systems.
The big schools had not arrived yet, no doubt because warm water forestalled their migration from the north.
Demonstrated experience in planning and maintenance of integrated library system upgrades, migration, etc.
The second project involved content migration from a homegrown system to a new platform for a leading k—12 publisher.
The department had clearly had a meltdown and had a huge migration.
The story of student migration is bigger than budget cuts and tuition dollars.
The environment is already affecting patterns of human migration.
Disturbed migration paths and petro chemical seepage cause long term disease and sterility in animal populations.
The latest study indicates that surfing the ocean currents is an effective migration method for estuarine crocodiles.
Here the birds rest, refuel and begin their mating ritual as they complete their annual migration.
Traditional migration routes for animals such as elephants are disrupted in congested areas.
One hears, for example, about the forced migration of native people.
He says he looks forward to learning whether the seals' travels overlap with tuna migration patterns.
Students discuss types of migration and people who migrate.
If the idea proves to be valid, it could provide a big piece of the puzzle in the mystery of hammerhead shark migration.
The large-scale migration of less-skilled workers has done harm to the economic opportunities of less-skilled natives.
The perpetual migration between prison and a few predictable neighborhoods is not only costly-it also destabilizes community life.
Only elephants can pull off an authentic migration of elephants.
Because of the phenomenon of hyper-aging in the developing world, another great variable is already changing as well: migration.
It concentrates instead on the economic behavior of those who survive the process of migration.
Contemporary biennials are machines for bringing people to places, funded by parties with vested interests in the migration.
We can perceive this trend as a further continuation of migration of computer thieves to social engineering.
They should also make migration simple, but temporary.
Nor is it possible to establish the impact of migration on overall growth.
Of course there's a lag phase between birth rate and migration.
Dutch cuisine has evolved many times, due to migration from the country into cities, as well as the influx of immigrants.
In fact, there is an abundance of wildlife found in the region, both year-round and during migration seasons.
What local research shows is lessening dependence on seasonal migration to coastal plantations, not increasing dependence.
Finding the secret winter home of the monarchs answered one question about this great migration, but others remained open.
Each subsequent migration out of these departed groups would reduce variability in genes and skull shape.
Information on the growth and migration of fish stocks will become more precise.
Whether one swamps out the effects of another is a matter of figuring out the selection coefficients versus the migration rate.
It doesn't necessarily tells us the historical sequence of admixture events or the direction of migration.
Their migration was thought to be timed to the rhythm of glaciers.
Migration is a fascinating aspect of animal ecology.
One of the defining phenomena of our age is migration.

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