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Scientists don't know when birds originally evolved the ability to migrate.
Magnetite is the magnetic mineral that helps pigeons home and salmons migrate.
Plants migrate even further all the time due to locally changing conditions like desertification.
When the Indian subcontinent was partitioned in 1947, millions of people were forced to migrate.
She could risk travel perils and migrate, like swallows, to lands with plentiful food.
Some northern birds migrate south for winter.
Both cameras are also used to image the squid at night when they migrate to the surface to feed.
Several hundred thousand farm workers migrate.
They will simply migrate to areas where there still is sufficient water.
But after a while things need to migrate to the public domain.
Sometimes plants migrate because a favorable habitat has been created.
These birds should migrate south in the winter, but the researchers say that not all of the birds are doing so.
Several species of birds had yet to migrate to nesting sites in the area.
They have found that the mice interbreed with mice from other habitats and migrate between rock types.
If factory jobs migrate to low-wage nations, it means cheaper products and more efficiency.
The smolts used the strong flows to migrate, drifting downstream with the current.
Even if true, this argument would hardly be comforting, given the speed with which guns migrate.
Through these efforts, the immigrants work to improve the conditions that have forced so many of them to migrate.
Once implanted in a patient, cells migrate through the pores and help integrate the artificial cornea with the surrounding tissue.
Stem cells tend to migrate throughout the brain, settling in damaged areas and initiating repair.
Bioengineers seed cells onto the outside of polymer scaffolds in the hopes that they will migrate inside and organize themselves.
Models how individual cells in tissues migrate, multiply, and develop during processes such as blood vessel growth.
Endothelial cells migrate quickly on top of the gel.
But those savings must now be cast against the real cost borne by those who must migrate the data into a modern format.
Styrene molecules migrate into your food from containers and, once in your system, become estrogen mimics.
Warming temperatures, he says, are forcing animals to migrate north out of their habitats.
Musk's first success was a start-up that provided platforms for newspaper companies to migrate online.
One can take for granted that migration raises the incomes of the migrants-otherwise they would not choose to migrate.
As life gets harder in vulnerable places, people will need to migrate both between and within countries.
Metastatic tumour cells-those which have spread from the site of the original tumour-migrate faster than other cells.
Animals, plants and microbes can now migrate across the planet to new homes with unprecedented ease.
The slump forced many small farmers to switch to other crops, or migrate to cities.
Having established a track record for themselves in this way, the engines could then migrate to their intended use on airliners.
Such species may thus have to migrate long distances if they are to survive.
Regardless, the change is creating problems as a generation of people cannot migrate to the new areas easily.
Older people are not only less employable, but they are also typically less willing to migrate if they have children.
Rights owners and content providers continue to do well whatever the medium, as ideas migrate from platform to platform.
Reserves not only provide a sanctuary for fish, but a stock that can migrate to areas open to fishing.
But customers risk losing control once again, in particular over their data, as they migrate into the cloud.
Once all the whales born in those sheltered bays had been killed, there was no one to tell the other whales where to migrate.
Reef shark cage adventures generally feature sharks that migrate to the same reef at certain times of the year.
During this time, wildlife viewing is optimal as larger animals migrate at the changing of the seasons.
Flowers start to bloom as the temperatures moderate in spring, and many larger animals migrate during this period.
When autumn comes, they migrate south for the winter.
Ask students to think about the reasons that people migrate.
Some birds winter in all parts of the blue jay's range, and some individual birds may migrate one year and not the next.
Mountain bluebirds typically migrate to lower elevations during the same lean seasons.
Students discuss types of migration and people who migrate.
In the meantime, they offer up a few speculations on how dragonflies migrate.
As people migrate to and from a community, they create a great impact on its history and landscape.
Mated pairs migrate to and breed in the northern parts of their range and build nests on the ground or in a protected cavity.
Though some individuals are permanent residents, many migrate.
As the climate shifts, many species will migrate to more favorable destinations, altering their natural range.
Birds that migrate across continents tend to have a higher viral load than those that stay at home year round.
The genome sequence also provides some insight into why some monarchs migrate and others do not.
Hunter-gatherers are required to migrate with abundant food, in any migratory species.
Stem cells injected past this barrier can migrate to regions where they are needed and develop into new brain cells.
Such hybrids can combine white blood cells' natural ability to migrate with cancer's proclivity for uncontrolled cell division.
Should the blips migrate past a security boundary on the display, an alarm would immediately warn that the grid was in jeopardy.
Corridors are links between different geographical regions that allow wildlife to migrate and find food and mates.
If the space-bound rocks harbored lifeforms, they might migrate to other planets.
Contrary to astrological myth, the moon cannot coax bodily fluids to migrate.
Her research is identifying how blood cells migrate between blood and bone marrow and how they multiply.
Birds, beetles, and other creatures in search of water migrate into the forests during the dry summers.
How far one clone can migrate depends on how long it can live.
Cells proliferate and migrate faster than any realistic sterilizing bombardment can keep up with.
When this third generation sense the dwindling days and cooling nights of late summer, they prepare to migrate.
Perhaps some of them will migrate to the white community, which might mean something different by them.
Wait long enough and primitive lifeforms migrate from their hot spots, ie to big moons.
Several aphid species migrate during leaf colour changes.
Eventually, water will migrate from the surface to the mountain's depths.
Later in development, they migrate to the bone marrow.
Wild turkeys can fly quite well but they don't migrate.
Occasionally--and for unknown reasons--these benign cells migrate from the lining of the uterus to other parts of the body.
It became apparent that living things routinely go aloft to migrate, to mate, and to find new hosts.
Reason: fetal liver tissue contains cells that migrate and become bone marrow, the substance that produces blood cells.
And the people who migrate to this country don't easily forget that.
Because this food is not available during cold, winter months, many birds migrate south to forage in warmer climates.
These flyways are not specific lines the birds follow but broad areas through which the birds migrate.

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