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It isn't for nothing that creative writers have been called the migrant workers of the word harvest.
But big migrant flows are mostly between nearby countries.
Migration: medium- to long-distance trans-Gulf migrant.
We worked for a while as migrant farm laborers, and then three of us-three families-bought a farm.
The demand has moved to a different model of educator-scholars: educational migrant workers.
Tens of millions of people-students, white-collar city-dwellers and rural migrant workers-head home for family reunions.
Migration: not a migrant in the true sense, in that individuals are not known to return to breeding or wintering grounds.
During the summer migrant workers arrive to harvest the vegetables.
The economic slowdown has driven migrant workers home, increasing populations in affected areas.
Discusses the two authors as key examples of migrant and exiled writers who create hybrid worlds.
It is, more or less, an academic migrant worker position.
Migration: short-distance migrant that rarely strays far from nesting areas.
Migrant workers who are cheated by their employers and live in squalor while providing all of us with food are exploited.
They are nowadays comparable to the steadily rising wages of uneducated migrant workers.
Migrant farm workers have long been the nation's poorest group of workers.
The economy depends heavily on money from migrant workers.
We who work as adjunct faculty are akin to migrant labor.
To accommodate this migrant, the bones of the flatfish head twist and turn to make room.
Migrant workers who leave home for distant jobs can stay in touch with their families.
They spend half the year on the road, buying twenty-six varieties of mushrooms from migrant pickers.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
Producers hire and fire writers as if they were migrant fruit pickers.
Most of the original workers were recruited as migrant labor in the boom years of the nineteen-sixties.
We've had a migrant agricultural workforce for more than a century.
But for the first time we're developing a migrant industrial workforce.
We supply you with raw materials and cheap migrant labor, but you turn around and sell us secondhand products at high prices.
Hardened migrant laborers who really need the work are frequently revolted by the slaughtering process.
But the economic opportunities for the migrant laborers who work such crops remain bleak.
Train service is provided to migrant workers by the local government.
But depending on the migrant workers' country of residence, the cost of sending money home varies significantly.
Remittances are closely correlated with the number of migrant workers, lagged by about a year.
Those countries with the tightest restrictions seem not to have appreciably fewer migrant workers.
The country is home to a large stock of dollars, many of them remitted by migrant workers, and a sizeable stock of gold.
It's an almost daily occurrence of migrant life in this hemisphere, and the film captures it with haunting authenticity.
Outside the market, camera-wielding travelers slurp noodles next to migrant laborers and locals.
The setting is a migrant labor camp, and poverty and desperation are vividly created.
We used to have a guest migrant worker program that required the workers to return home after the seasonal work was done.

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As soon as the harvest is in, you're a migrant worker. Afterwards just a bum.... more
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