migraines in a sentence

Example sentences for migraines

She suffered recurring migraines and had difficulty sleeping.
Much better, she's had some migraines but she is doing well.
Standard screens are linked to chronic headaches, migraines, and deteriorating vision.
The way the screens work cause severe eyestrain, and can even contribute to migraines.
People will complain about migraines and epileptics fits.
Behavioral techniques that reduce stress and empower the patient may help some people with migraines.
Many different medications are used to treat migraines.
People at high risk of migraines should avoid any factors that seemed to trigger a previous migraine.
Patients can also help prevent migraines by identifying and avoiding potential triggers, such as specific foods.
They may originate as tension headaches, migraines, or a combination of these or other headache types.
Low levels of magnesium have also been noted in patients with both fibromyalgia and migraines.
Levin's diet was supposed to cure ulcers and prevent migraines, to give you energy and robust health.
He had high blood pressure and suffered from migraines.
But it's a different ballgame now, and cruising around the house sans wires doesn't have to cause any audio-induced migraines.
New research has shown that some people with specific dietary deficiencies are more prone to migraines.
The findings may help researchers isolate the gene that predisposes people to migraines and engineer more effective treatments.
But light did aggravate the migraines of the legally blind group.
The drug in question is propranolol, commonly used to treat high blood pressure and prevent migraines in children.
You've reinforced some rather complex math that gave me migraines and confused our calendar horrifically.
And this is coming from someone who is hoping the neurologist will put some into my head to stop my migraines.
Read about whether there's a genetic link between migraines and depression.
Treating more than two migraines a week can cause other types of headaches.
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