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Example sentences for migraine

Budgeting, usually a headache endured annually, has become a chronic migraine for many city governments.
Migraine is an inherited neurological condition characterized by severe, often disabling headache pain.
Many primary headaches, particularly migraine or cluster, may closely resemble sinus headache.
Migraine is more than a headache: it is intensely painful and has distinct phases.
Migraine headaches-- spots of light, halos, or zigzag patterns are common symptoms prior to the start of the headache.
With so much tied to semesters, innovators who adopt open-entry courses may be in for a bureaucratic migraine.
Some migraine sufferers may be at an increased risk for brain lesions, according to the results of a new study.
People cried that new sorts of light would give them migraine and epileptic fits.
So after the night of drunken stupor comes the pain of the following morning's migraine.
Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows how debilitating the pain can be.
Migraine sufferers have often told skeptical physicians that red wine, but not other alcoholic drinks, brought on their headaches.
For migraine sufferers, summer can be a perilous time of year.
Migraine headaches, particularly migraine with auras, may sometimes be confused with seizures.
Troubling vertigo may occur during or between migraine headaches.
Patients who have both tension-type and migraine headaches may face steeper challenges in recovery.
Tension headaches can occur when the patient also has a migraine.
It is also being investigated as a possible treatment for chronic migraine and cluster headaches.
Rarely, people with migraine headaches may have a temporary problem with the oculomotor nerve.
He cures the migraine headaches of a debutante and the incontinence of an aging, mansion-bound millionaire.
Biologists finally are unraveling the medical mysteries of migraine, from aura to pain.
Migraine drugs are effective in only about half of cases.
She's only succeeding in giving herself a big migraine.
Migraine headaches in children differ from migraine headaches in adults.
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