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For fancier tastes, there's spice-crusted filet mignon and maple-glazed duck.
When it's time to eat, filet mignon dinners reward a day of roughing it in the wilderness.
Yes manned flight is infinitely more expensive than unmanned drones, but filet mignon is considerably more expensive than gruel.
In the company of such cuts, the filet mignon seems almost lean, except that it's the size of a cantaloupe.
So much for glistening filet mignon and mouth-watering lobster.
Steak and seafood combination plates include shrimp and ribeye steak, fillet mignon and scallops and fillet and lobster.
Dishes include hot and spicy snapper, filet mignon, smoked beef brisket and pork ribs.
Combination platters include a mixture of such items as shrimp, filet mignon, lobster and steak.
Nightly meals range from baked salmon to filet mignon.
Filet mignon is the entree specialty of the house and is available encrusted in spices or garlic and red peppers.
Start with shrimp tempura before moving on to a scallop hibachi dinner or lobster and filet mignon.
The supper club offers upgraded options such as lobster tail and filet mignon along with creative appetizers and desserts.
Dinner items range from bouillabaisse and filet mignon to shrimp scampi and caramelized double pork loin chops.
The steakhouse and seafood restaurant features such items as oysters, filet mignon and jumbo shrimp scampi.
Share a selection of small plates or feast on a seafood stew, braised wild boar or filet mignon.
Meat entrees include filet mignon, pork chops and calf liver.
Cook a filet mignon in seven minutes, eat in four, clean in two and back to work.
Let's face it, nobody ever went to a convenience store to buy filet mignon.

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And the chandeliers are neat . . . But their mignon, marblish glare! We are cold, the parrots cried, In a p... more
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