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Dams, irrigation and now climate change have drastically reduced the once-mighty river.
Anyone who has ever smelled a durian fruit can tell you that it smells mighty strong.
As mighty as glaciers look from the deck of a cruise ship, they are surprisingly fragile.
In midair the shark lunges at a seal and flips back into the water with a mighty splash.
Eco-ethics seem to be all but forgotten of late in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar.
It would take a mighty large bookcase to contain all of the works on pragmatism published over the last two decades.
It's mighty important, mind you, but a big part of me sees all of that as pure tedium.
Your criticisms seem mighty, mighty petty in light of the true horrors that go on every day.
When the retail pie is so small to begin with, those slices are going to send us all to bed mighty hungry.
His biggest mistake was getting found out, giving people the chance to get all high and mighty about it.
And in the midst of this midterm grading, even my languishing research is sounding mighty fun again.
But its traditional suspicion of over-mighty executives has also been a hidden strength in a region where caudillos thrive.
Type on a flat surface for even an hour and aspirin will be mighty tempting.
The universe is a mighty big place, but there is no shortage of amazement right here in our celestial neighborhood.
Once these mighty hunters have picked out their big buck, they walk out into the field and shoot it.
There have been some mighty nasty ones many, many years ago as well as recently.
The mighty two-hundred-foot cliffs of the shore faded into the few bright stars.
Down near the kitchen are coops of chickens and roosters that periodically raise a mighty racket.
There was a mighty hum, the surge of power from ninety-six billion planets.
Ergo, steam works mighty fine as an energy extraction method.
Less philosophically, the legal fines attached to environmental regulations are a mighty motivator.
The mighty chunks rise all over the world, including the oceans.
Three generations later, a lawsuit by his free-spending great-grandson is shaking the foundations of that mighty family fortune.
With fans bearing down on all four sides, it gets mighty cozy for the two people with rackets in that little cube.
Its successes in the past few years have been a mighty engine driving every other division of the company.
The visits of these high and mighty types are useful for recognition of something important happening on the ground.
Researchers say they turned a mouse with muscular dystrophy into a mighty mouse by injecting stem cells into its muscles.
They move mighty quickly and you'll be grateful for every skerrick of additional grip you can get.
If it eventually arrives at its destination, it will settle down and add to the reef's mighty structures.
When it comes to fellow travelers, the balance is in the favor of bipeds or something mighty close to it.
That's mighty peculiar, given how spectacular it is in the west after sunset.
Algae allow corals to harness the power of the sun and construct mighty reefs.
That's a mighty tough question because biologists are only beginning to figure out techniques for finding them.
Eventually the last survivor from a once-mighty stand reaches the end and casts a final seed.
It can be a struggle, and a mighty one, but it's worth the effort to seek out the awe and the grandeur in it as well.
All they are worried about is the all-mighty dollar.
Similar problems plague sonic weapons, which blast high-intensity sound waves to make internal organs mighty uncomfortable.
All they care about is getting that all mighty dollar.
They have all been given a mighty heave amid crisis.
When the jets are all on, they produce a mighty column of water that slowly rises on a height of twelve feet.

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