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Coral reefs, among other ecosystems, are suffering mightily at the hands of humans.
Many people struggle mightily to achieve and are of course disappointed by less successful outcomes.
The corporate overlords would profit mightily off the carnage wreaked by faulty products flooding our villages and homes.
The press is working mightily to make sure that never happens.
And the country is also struggling mightily with the costs.
Elite universities have benefited mightily from a number of converging long-term trends, none of their making.
One has to struggle mightily, as an academic press, to make these codes work meaningfully for scholarly books.
It is not an anthropomorphism to say that everyone was mightily frazzled.
Naturally there's one group that would be mightily upset at closing the shipping locks: shipping companies.
He contributes mightily to the ferment, and partakes.
Her metaphor implied that astronomers were mightily confused about how the universe had formed.
Newsweeklies have tried to live on a couple million, but they're struggling mightily.
His mouth and his eyes were wide open, as if whatever he found on the other side surprised him mightily.
His bureaucrats scheme mightily to maintain the illusions.
Line umpires strive to maintain anonymity even as they factor mightily in the outcomes of matches.
He was a meteor: his flame burned incredibly bright, and not for long but mightily.
But at the moment many of them are cheering mightily the misfortunes of others.
The obsessives will now be feeling mightily pleased.
Because nuclei are positively charged, they are mightily difficult to push together.
These new arrivals contributed mightily to the long economic boom.
But he must be mightily satisfied with developments this week.
It is mightily convenient, if you deprive your citizens of political liberties, to portray these as a bourgeois luxury.
And he laboured mightily to attract students from a wider range of backgrounds.
But those same corporations contribute mightily to electing politicians to keep those loopholes in place.
Devaluation, in other words, adds mightily to the debt burden.
Anyway, the elites and the affluent are mightily untouchable.
Brown ditched tweaks the staff made to his swing after he struggled mightily in spring training.
At its crest, they gathered beneath a large oak tree that towered mightily above the other trees nearby.
They have proven to cost us mightily and have not fulfilled the original purpose of creating jobs.
Likewise, the recreational values of these areas are enhanced mightily by the presence of trees.
Our economy is struggling mightily, and this drilling halt will adversely impact small businesses down the entire supply chain.
Improvements in food safety can contribute mightily to protecting those vulnerable groups.

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