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It is then easy to see how the power company might lower price and expand to six units or more.
But the full power of multi-touch technology might be unleashed in screens far larger than those on phones.
And at first glance, the answer might seem to be an obvious no.
No doubt, she might end up doing less work than a student who wrote a paper from scratch in my composition course.
There would be runs on other countries that might even consider leaving.
Since then, researchers have been probing how such a sunstone might have worked.
If it doesn't use up its allowance, it might then sell what it no longer needs.
What's more, unless you grow certain kinds yourself, you might not get a chance to eat them.
But if contagion is real, it might also follow that people who are fat should stay away from fat people to control their weight.
They feel bad throwing them out but don't know who else might be interested in them.
The bad news, it hints, is that this might not last.
After all, an extra set of arms might be useful, as would an eye in the back of our heads.
Many older adults might be driving under the influence without even knowing it.
Unfortunately, though, some people might think this is a bit of false advertising.
With a little help, it's an easier, speedier task than you might suppose.
Researchers who study the brain's perception of time have previously proposed several ways our mental clock might work.
If she was bored at dinner parties, she might get a few snails out of her purse and let them loose on the tablecloth.
McCormick also has a broader concern about the way the book might be received by the public.
Then ask them to explain why they think gold prices might go up or down.
Ultimately, such a trip between worlds might take millions of years.
And the new findings might help settle a long-running debate about whether dinosaurs were warmblooded, coldblooded-or both.
For some people, that first whiff of the uncorrupted outdoors might trigger a set of survival instincts.
It might be easy to chalk up our giddy excitement to the novelty of the service.
Colleges might benefit from the same sort of mandatory scrutiny-and the same result.
For example, an earthquake might start out slow, and then continue to rumble for a set amount of time.
Cheating in sports might be as old as the race between the tortoise and the hare.
If there's more than one layer of wallpaper, you might have to remove them one at a time.
Even legitimate researchers cut corners, and some worry that the lure of a great headline might be warping results.
Draw pictures and write about things you might see on your trip.
Though he concedes it might happen, he has never seen an animal with sunburn peel.
Conscientious fishermen even attach streamers to their lines to scare off birds that might become entangled.
Wine critics might disagree, but at this point it's a robust psychological fact.
Have students discuss what a ruler might do to attract people to his kingdom and what might entice them to stay there.
The idea that anthropogenic climate change might cause a war or two sometime in the future is not new.
As an option, show students a large rock and have them hypothesize how it might have changed due to erosion.
Look up in the sky near an airport and you might see some unusual cloud formations.
With that in mind, here are some delicious reds you might consider drinking one night soon.
Whatever is affecting frogs might one day affect other animals-and people-as well.
Scuttlebutt from that conference has already started fueling speculation about how important this new dinosaur might be.
They might want to call or write to the relative to discuss the climate in the other location, and how it affects their life.
Parents buying toys for their children this holiday season might want to be wary of a few dangerous dinosaurs.
If you want to see the original, however, you might get the chance to see it in theaters.
Meanwhile, my dad who is a doctor thought it might be scabies.
Depending on how wide your search is, you might solicit an extra letter of recommendation or two.
Such a tax might also encourage consumers to live healthier lives.
Ask students to explain why they think countries might want to form unions or alliances.
The inside of the moon might not be all wet after all.
It might be the hum of your computer, birds outside of your window, or younger brothers and sisters laughing.
Delays might undermine climate studies and forecasts.
But no one treats them with contempt they way they might have years ago.
That's a sophomoric tactic might work with your students, but it won't work with me.
Automatic provision of free health care for adopted children might also weigh heavily in favor of such options.
In the muted light of winter, the coast might even bring out the artist in you.
Actually, with it being wintertime, it might be the perfect time to go re-read it.
Astronomy, with its forever-out-of-reach subject matter, might seem the unlikeliest science to translate for touch.
And because there are so many tasty squashes, you might even make room for more than one kind by growing them vertically.
They might provide capital to or bet against a firm.
Meanwhile, as sea level rise approaches two feet, the barriers might simply spend more time closed.
It might therefore be the key to bringing the pandemic under control.
Night owls might think staying up late is a real hoot, but a new study hints that delayed sleep might have a sinister side.
While you might be tempted to interpret these dreams yourself, this is something better left to professionals.
Instinct might suggest that a full-throttle, intense cheese deserves a great wine.
In the snorkeling pool on the north end, you might see a rare sleeping monk seal.
People keen to make a positive impression on a new acquaintance might want to meet over a hot drink, a new study suggests.
Finding might help captive breeding of the endangered cats.
It's a reminder that listening to my brother practice his trombone might best be done from the room next door.
They'll go off and get missing persons lists, and they might bring back some possible names and profiles.
Now that nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere, it might be thought that travel writers have lost their purpose.
The statues are cared for even though the state of them might not be what once was.
Discuss the possible difficulties that might arise when people and these wild animals live close together.
Have students identify tracts of land where wild species might exist in abundance.
Or they might have been imported as an aquarium curiosity and later released.
Had she been living today, she might have been any of the mystery or thriller writers who write a book a year.
It might be from a parallel universe, or something even stranger than that.
It might even be the actual dominant life form on this planet, and we're simply too obtuse to be aware of it.
Then you might have a case where some of the people aren't exactly happy but that's rare.
Most of the research is still preliminary, but it might yield some interesting results.
We look for whatever scientific tidbits might lurk behind those stories.
Come winter, he might be soldering icicles into glittering loops or star bursts with his bare fingers.
So even if you don't care about me, you might want to think about yourselves.
But you might be surprised to learn that no one knows exactly how anesthetics stop nerves from carrying pain signals.
Which means that your purple mouthed cry-juice might not be good for your heart after all.
There are many reasons why you might not want to use the keyboard for composing text.
If they do the exercise often enough, they might start reading that way from the get-go.
If you already have the hitch mount, you might go ahead.
Finding out how the program works and what might become of it has been a continuing riddle during my week of interviews here.
Think about ways in which your teaching might complement the course offerings.
And a corkscrew-shaped catheter that can be snaked into the brain might yank out a clot.
But there's something big that the smartphone, try as it might, has not been able to stare down into oblivion: pen and paper.
How do you tax someone on something they might not use.
By midmorning, she might take a jogging break with a neighbor.
But scientists have no satisfying explanation for how such a singularity might have formed in the first place.
For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
Ask students how they think leopard seals might catch penguins.
Then have them place checks next to the ones they think might affect the polar regions.
Here's the lowdown on why it's happening, what's causing it, and how it might change the planet.
The next generation of battlefield weapons might be bombs that make enemy soldiers fall in lust with each other.
Distinguishing may and might can be tricky, and several colleagues have raised questions recently about the proper usage.
Other rural folk might be willing to work closer to home in the growing number of factories moving inland.
The only missing ingredient of naval might was an aircraft-carrier.
Investors who thought that real estate was a haven from the volatility of the equity markets might be getting a little nervous.
German obduracy on the euro might be a cause, she implied.
Much of this might have happened without affirmative action.
As this risk premium varies, it might overwhelm the effects of interest-rate changes.
It was not known, though, whether simply altering ambient light intensity might have similar effects.
They have come up with one so preposterous they might have been better off simply issuing a decree.
Any other observer might have seen few but unamiable traits, and have given them a far darker coloring.
Among the instances here given, there is scarcely one in which variation might not have been avoided with a little trouble.
In those branches, education might be called closed.
For example, a short notice of a book or poem might consist of a single paragraph.
If you speak multiple languages, you might have multiple personalities.
It might also be helping to regulate the levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream.
The point is that, while they might be delivering the same content, the mode of delivery matters.
The heat might even be reused to also distill fresh water for local seaside communities.
For instance, a red circle next to a white triangle might make the triangle seem red.
If you've been buying sports gels to keep you going during your workout, you might want to try honey instead.
Getting stuck in traffic might be enough to raise anyone's blood pressure.
The artifacts are clustered together in what might have been ancient, say, gaming halls or courtyards.
The music is cranked, and squeals of delight reverberate-you might as well be at some ├╝ber-cool underground lounge.
There might be a hole in these stockings, but it's hidden.
People might become dependant on outsiders, and corruption can become a problem.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
They had not actually spoken of the grieving process, but she had been afraid that at any moment they might start.
It might be worth trying one or several of these out before turning to therapy.
Though unlikely to succeed in the short term, the new treatment might be valuable in the long term.
It might be a bowl of steaming soup, if one likes soup.
Time may not have a beginning-and it might not exist at all.
Yeah, you might want to sit for a moment and soak that in.
Ancient bones from many animals lying in a big jumble are more easily put in context than you might think.
The thing to do is to look at where this claim might have gone awry.
It might, for instance, explain the preponderance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.
Second, the ratings of the national anthems might be affected by the nationality of those making the ratings.
Extending those wings to catch the wind, the insect might have found it could sail across the water.
They figured they might have made a mistake as well, and couldn't figure out what had happened.
If they weren't so small, you might mistake them for ordinary refrigerator magnets.
And the number of insurgents in a fight might not stay close to constant, as the model presumes.
Amazing discoveries might be in sight, yet hidden within all the information.
Such a theory might provide us the tools for gaining a clear understanding of the origin of the universe.
As one blond celebrity heiress and embodiment of emptiness might say, nothing is hot.
Researchers have speculated that these signals might play some role in regulating population density.
So solar variation might play some role in climate trends.
Chinook-speakers offering guests a lavish meal on windy frontier coasts might be thought of as the bigwigs of local society.
The meaning might be related to that of the word preempt.
Now people who might once have taught science or social studies become doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
Of course, some of these jobs might never materialize at all.
It's true that ditching the liability cap might have consequences that aren't all pretty.
Robots might behave more efficiently if they had emotions.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
It says that later, once the technology is proven and costs for launches come down, it might become economically viable.
Scientists have identified a virus that might have triggered the problem.
One viewer might select the vascular system superimposed on the skeleton.
New software watches users to figure out what products they might buy.
Research in mice suggests that it might be possible to delete specific painful memories.
In contrast, implicit memory might only come into play when external stimuli trigger concepts.
For instance, the conductive plastic might function as an electric splice, bridging gaps caused by spinal injury.
Sensory feedback via the tongue might improve neural prostheses.
Building gender into robots might be a way for the robots' designers to express their own playfulness and creativity.
If it's noon, the software might suggest local restaurants.
At the movies, users might try to identify an actor from a film trailer.
Or you might use your own, or your own that might fix the cancer, or your own enhanced bone marrow.
They might also pave the way for flexible thin-film solar cells and bright, roll-up color displays.
For example, he says, a full simulation of how a shirt might be folded would include fantastic origami-style shapes.
It might be random sores and ulcers, on the tongue or in the mouth.
Say there's this character opposite you, and you might not be into her-or him, personally.
He might do that master for a bunch of takes, then he'll get the over-the-shoulder, then the close-up.
Fungus that grows on rot might not, at first, seem the perfect image of our culinary ideals.
But his achievement, it turns out, is far less of a piece than might have been thought.
On the basis of this characterization one might expect some significant response in the review to the book's arguments.
They prized such things even though in the picture they themselves might only have a head the size of a pea.
New construction might be challenging- taking empty space from excavation to finishing.
In the week to come, you might need to be more of philosopher, since things are bound to go wrong.
Someone might be willing to make an exception so that you can fit family activities into a busy schedule.
Another letter might be about the whole picture of what is happening at your business and how you affected the situation.
In the winter even a full gate might not have helped as the snow would drift up against it hiding it.
Others might urge you to explore areas outside the usual boundaries or encourage your jealousies.
In an effort to make improvements, you might discuss problems too frankly.
But they also knew an opportunity might have been missed because a trial could have answered long-simmering questions.

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