miffed in a sentence

Example sentences for miffed

Its owner was one of half a dozen elephants, all of which were a little miffed that we'd blocked their path to the watering hole.
He looks intrigued, and at the same time, a bit miffed.
But he and his father are surely right to feel miffed.
Seasoned vintage shoppers are understandably miffed that the fashion-hungry public is switched on to the trend.
Their hearts are generally in the right place, so there's no reason to be miffed by it.
The patient, of course, was miffed that she paid for lab work for the doctor to learn what she already knew.
About any mistakes, there were none on the proof but its possible that something got miffed or whatever.
Even youngsters with vast experience of hardship appear miffed at having to share one blanket between ten.
But some of these countries are miffed that the fund did not consult them before rushing to the rescue of the euro area.
Professional staff are more likely to be miffed because you are not at your regular jobs.
Yet when the former heavyweight champion gets on the phone, it's impossible to stay miffed at him.
When miffed, he can gather himself into a swirling sandstorm and swallow an airplane.
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