midweek in a sentence

Example sentences for midweek

Summer and winter, to miss the crowds, time your visit to midweek.
Working the weekend shift, he had an out-of-sync schedule that allowed him to take midweek lessons.
Rate totals are based on compact, intermediate and full-size rates pulled on six midweek days.
The workweek is a conceived as a hill with midweek representing the highest point.
He was at a midweek dinner party and he turned to his neighbor across the table.
Whether weekend or midweek, this with-it spot is nearly empty.
Midweek, the place was a bit lackluster with service slightly off kilter.
The hotel has several tour packages including a midweek whale watching tour and midweek fishing package.
Fox plans to broadcast up three live games each weekend plus midweek matches, when they are scheduled.
Traveling midweek cuts a few dollars off of the price.
Aim for midweek stays in leisure destinations, when lodging rates generally are lower.
The fence crew will be in midweek to work on fence construction near the school.
Mike was responsible for the daycare expenses on his midweek visitation days.
Two storms systems continue to impact the west through midweek.
The best times to call are midday and midweek, when the phone lines are less busy.
Midweek there are often sites available first-come, first-served.
The dry air and cold temperatures will remain in place through midweek.
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