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We're now in the midst of an epic financial crisis, which ought to be at the center of the election debate.
The article focused on the expense of pursuing specialized accreditation in the midst of the current economic crisis.
With neither party keen to face voters in the midst of a recession, legislation now seems quite possible.
In the midst of sweltering heat waves, air conditioning can be a lifesaver, protecting against heat stroke and hyperthermia.
Trying to pick winners in the midst of the action is ill-advised.
Today, according to many biologists, we're in the midst of a sixth great extinction.
Imagine a world hidden in the midst of our own, one in which you notice clues and symbols that elude you in your everyday life.
Nutria may inhabit a riverbank or lakeshore, or dwell in the midst of wetlands.
There are several not-from-this-world motorcycles in our midst.
Our understanding of metaphor is in the midst of a metamorphosis.
Yet in the midst of that violence an idea took hold: that soldiers could be deployed for peace as well as war.
Then, they should be able to pick it out when immersed in the midst of two or more conversations.
The entire state is in the midst of an exceptionally bad drought, as you've probably read in the news.
We are in the midst of an electric motorcycle revolution, and nowhere is that more obvious than on the racetrack.
But, as the article describes, the college admissions market is in the midst of the inevitable transition to electronic form.
Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get the balance right in the midst of a commodities boom.
They ask burning questions whenever they find a planetary scientist in their midst.
But even in the midst of a recession, some emerging technologies shine so bright that investors can't resist.
But the trend actually started years ago, in the midst of a different recession.
Yet its calm in the midst of a crisis has caused sociologists and politicians to take a fresh look.
The government seems to agree, with the country's three largest cities in the midst of major transit projects.
We are in the midst of a crisis of huge proportions and grave global significance.
In the midst of all this the president sacked the defence minister after he insulted some of her closest aides in an interview.
We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.
Even in the midst of the deepest economic contraction in generations there are going to be some winners.
But in the midst of the crisis, administrators decided that they were well positioned for a temporary move to cyberspace.
When they occur in the midst of a full-blown humanitarian disaster, they can only add to the crisis.
He's in the midst of getting his friend, a mostly-deaf carpenter, to fix a broken door.
He was born and brought up in the midst of poverty and comparative ignorance.
The world's biggest chain of coffee shops is in the midst of its first serious crisis.
And they have to be more afraid of those consequences than of allowing someone different to flourish in their midst.
In the midst of that story, there is another story, one that is largely unreported.
In the midst of a hectic and crazed day, a few moments of taking care of yourself can be calming.
There are often unexpected zones of economic growth in the midst of any recession.
These volunteers are armed and local, which makes them well-placed to spot any insurgents in their midst.
About two dozen patients have now successfully completed full treatments, and dozens more are in the midst of treatment.
He arrived to find the hospital in the midst of its own crisis.
When you're in the midst of a political struggle, it's natural to feel angry and to want to lash out.
FedEx is in the midst of a major fleet renewal kick.
However, in the midst of fame and glory comes an astronomical responsibility.
In rugby one must think and act on his feet, in the midst of the action.
In the midst of an excited discussion an exclamation came from those nearest the door, and the camp stopped to listen.
These coral specks, despite their remoteness in the midst of a vast ocean, have had a busy history.
The country is in the midst of a major, nationwide energy crunch.
Well, manufactured goods can be traded too, and manufacturing is also in the midst of a stunning increase in productivity.
It is a problem only in the midst of systemic collapse, where everyone is more or less in trouble.
The government is also in the midst of reducing its influence over the domestic economy through privatization.
The struggling media agency is in the midst of a major restructuring, including some heavy layoffs.
Anything that can help make a decision in the midst of uncertainty will be valuable.
But for people with depression, getting a call can help them feel better-especially when they are in the midst of a low day.
He came up with a face full of foliage in the midst of which was a honking big catfish.
For those that don't understand, the majority, a kind smile will usually drive their evil from your midst and restore your spirit.
In the midst of that fallout, other airlines quickly raised their own bag limits for members of the military.
In the midst of this imbroglio comes an unexpected remedy that is almost laughably simple: sugar.
But there is also a legalistic reason the term has rarely been invoked in the midst of the crisis.
They are hardly protected from the weather by the rude shelters they frame for themselves in the midst of these dreary woods.
Nevertheless, one always got the sense that around my dad, you were in the midst of people who play in the world.
Many of these city-regions may well be in the midst of housing bubbles today, but that shouldn't distract us from a larger truth.
Winter came, and she would wander about after every snowfall, sometimes in the midst of a storm.
State treasuries are relatively flush at the moment, with the nation in the midst of a modest boom period.
No president, no matter how politically graceful or personally confident, looks good in the midst of an economic crisis.
He seems made to be precisely here-in the midst of these thousands of sun-drenched cheering people.
In the midst of the campaign she stopped for a photography session with her grandson on the day he was born.
In the midst of their own grief, to begin with, they took the trouble to try to make me feel better.
We are in the midst of micro-economic failure on a grand scale.
It's obsessive and makes for a good showdown in the midst of all the wildlife.
In the midst of this disappointment, a few stalwart scientists came up with yet another concept.
We'd expect fighters, warriors, and people on high alert for enemies in our midst to have enhanced amygdalae.
In the midst of the ongoing controversy, scientists have made notable progress in understanding autism.
Yet in the midst of this brutal dynasty, scientists have now discovered a peacemaker.
Sometimes, having a science celebrity drop into one's midst can be a real benefit to the rest of us ordinary folk.
It places the research such as this paper along that scale as somewhere in the midst of speculation.
Sometimes in the midst of all the crazy talk, you make me happy.
We owe more to parents of children in medical crisis than a complicated menu of choices in the midst of a tragic situation.
But in the midst of an unstable political situation this is not taken lightly.
He was in the midst of a long trip typical of his increasingly manic and global post-Presidency.
My meeting with this remarkable vegetable, hitherto glimpsed only on market stalls, came in the midst of an exchange program.
He was given nearly complete control over the country's economic policy in the midst of an epic financial collapse.
By far the hardest part was writing about my kids and the heartache of trying to get well in the midst of parenting.
Income disparity within and among developing countries explains how there can be obesity in the midst of under-nutrition.

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