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At midnight my temporary respite from blindness would cease, and permanent night would close in on me again.
He promised that the night market, with food stalls and music, would close at midnight.
Meteor showers are nearly always better after midnight, and are usually best in the wee hours before sunrise.
Doing the sleepy-time math, this means you need to get to sleep before midnight.
They use a clock to represent our current time, where midnight is complete catastrophe.
New screens began arriving at the plant near midnight.
Every day, it's one second behind, clicking over to midnight one second after the first clock does.
When at midnight they returned to town they were both glad.
To be a wall with a damper a stream of pounding way and nearly enough choice makes a steady midnight.
Shortly before midnight, some of them entered a nearby abandoned building.
About midnight there was an intermission in the music, presumably for supper.
It contained multiple waves that range in reported time from midnight until the following noon.
And the ringleaders have not so far heard any midnight knocks at the door.
Normal life resumes after sundown and shops stay open until after midnight.
His body was removed from the prison grounds at around midnight.
We curled up in the hot, mosquito-filled cab and waited for him to return, which he did shortly before midnight.
Yet a new financial instrument can be dreamed up over a couple of midnight beers and put on the market the next morning.
Best time to go outside will be between local midnight and pre-dawn hours.
Shortly before midnight, a sailor on lookout spotted something in the darkness.
Dramatic new footage, however, proves great whites sometimes fancy a midnight snack.
The midnight singers were gathered at the base of the southern wall.
We reach the bottom at midnight and are forced to go up the coast on rotting ice pans.
They are looking through the fence at golf courses and tennis courts where the floodlights are on at midnight.
She had gone out to dinner with a friend and returned around midnight, but she wasn't done yet.
His instrument of pleasure-don't laugh at me-was blue also, as though it had been dipped in beautiful ink, midnight at the tip.
Or the one you can dial at midnight, shrieking with out-of-bounds joy.
It will limit access to the beach some weekdays, and shooting typically will go as late as midnight.
Fast-food outlets, for instance, are finding that midnight munchers can be a profitable niche.
Indeed, it suggests they are a rogue cell calling a midnight caucus for a frame-up.
It was one of those things you had to catch at a midnight screening, if anything.

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